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Summary of native ad analysis

Countries to be analyzed:

  • United States
  • Italy
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Australia

Vertical: Weight loss

United States

Taking into account the U.S. food trends, which were selected based on the most popular Google searches in 2019, we focused on an intermittent fasting diet.

Title: Intermittent fasting works for everyone except you? Try this (no diet)

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? By mentioning what was on everyone's lips all year round (a diet) and adding a competitive element (everyone who successfully lost weight except you), we trigger a certain emotion, namely the fear of being separated from the herd.

Why this thumbnail? American culture promotes eternal youth and all kinds of beautification processes. Looking fit and young in the fifties is a common thing. If you raise the bar too high, it will be more difficult to keep it up. Therefore, you may need additional help.


Another country, another standard. A keto diet is only gaining momentum here.

Title: 1 keto trick to lose weight quickly

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? Keto tricks include not only guidelines for a ketogenic diet, but also some general tips for a healthy lifestyle. If a landing page has nutritional recommendations associated with your product promotion, it wouldn't be misleading to call them a keto trick.

Why this thumbnail? Italians eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a stereotype that cannot be denied. A girl stares at this slice of pizza as if it were the Holy Grail, with excitement and fear of gaining weight.


Title: Lose fat, keep curves

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? A belly in India is a tangible embodiment of beauty. Losing weight and these amazing curves would be a disaster for a woman.

Why this thumbnail? It is self explanatory.


Trends do not always have to be followed. Sometimes it is enough to use indisputable traditions, especially in a conventional society.

Title: A riddle has been solved why Vietnamese women do not get fat

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? We disrupt the comfort of a local cliché with a title that makes your mind work. A chung cake resembles a strange brain twister and one that is full of secrets. We suggest that this could be the key to why Vietnamese women look so slim. Given the fact that Vietnamese women are being targeted, it may sound a little uncomfortable to mention their nationality, but this has been done on purpose. So they think they missed some important information.


Why this thumbnail? Chung Cake (Square Cake) is the soul of Vietnamese cuisine. We have inserted something that Vietnamese can see into a thumbnail.


Title: 1 trick to burn off your 5000 calorie cheat day (no judging!)

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? We emphasize that we will not judge them. In this way we show our kindness. In the same friendly way, we reveal a trick that we would normally not tell anyone. A certain amount of calories gives our information authenticity.

Why this thumbnail? Indonesia is a Muslim country with strict cultural rules on how a woman should dress and look. A hijab is a must. A girl wears both an Adidas sweatshirt and a hijab. It suggests that it is traditional, but also modern. She visits KFC for a so-called "cheat meal" and later regrets it. In contrast to Italy or the USA, there is no direct eye contact. She respects Islam with her humility.


Title: The reason why Asians are so slim

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? Mexico has one of the highest obesity rates among OECD countries after the United States. When Mexicans suffer from obesity, Asians generally appear to look fairly slim and fit. Our goal is to address potential customers by creating contrasts and leaving room for intrigue.

Why this thumbnail? This is melt egg sushi, a common dish for Japanese cuisine. It is believed that an egg yolk itself is full of nutrients and can be seen as a supplement to a healthy diet.


Title: 1 trick to freeze your fat

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? A title contains a pun that combines weather conditions and traditions in one sentence.

Why this thumbnail? Maple Taffy is the sweetest winter treat for Canadians. It is a Canadian ice cream. It is sugary and high in calories. But the winters here are long and cold and leave no chance of burning those extra pounds easily.


Title: How I lost 10 kg with little effort and it was not a Muay Thai

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? In Thailand there is Muay Thai, a highly intensive and physically demanding martial art. People from all over the world come here in training camps to improve technique or just lose weight. However, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Why this thumbnail? A man boasts impressive weight loss, which is obviously in Muay Thai shorts (right), but is clearly denied in a title. Intrigue intrigue.


Title: Eat this in front of Brekkie to get into your last year's tracksuit

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? The Australians speak English, but it may sound strange to the majority of people. Using the same slang that locals use makes a title more indigenous. Aussies spend more time in wetsuits than in jeans, which can also be stated in a title.

Why this thumbnail? It is self explanatory. You can try similar ones.


Title: Do not trade white sausage for a metabolic boost: an easy way

Thumbnail view:

Why this title? A localized pun immediately catches the eye of the beholder.

Why this thumbnail? If the locals look generic (since there's no noticeable difference between some Europeans), opt instead to add local flair to a title.

Ira Kuprenko – word juggler / culture expert / creative writer at MGID

Ira is a full-time creative writer at MGID. She is a knowledge evangelist and believes in the evidence-based approach. One word is a rocket against ignorance and more life-changing than plastic surgery, Ira claims. In her spare time she is a jeweler, a lover of aesthetics and a lawyer for pastries.



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