I recently replied to every email that addressed me:

  • Guest posts
  • sponsored posts

with this answer:

"My fixed prices are blah blah blah (enter my fixed prices). Please only respond if you pay my price. I immediately refer to all emails with barter deals as spam junk. "

If you didn't know, a handful of people replied, trying to check, trade, and negotiate the final price. I marked every email as spam in a split second and went straight on. Remember how a moment of total thoughtlessness, ignorance and fear of losing money costs these people. I clearly advised them ONLY to answer if people would pay my fixed price. Step 1. I followed my advice on how to mark every trade email as spam junk. Step 2. After these outreach specialists gave two vivid, easy-to-understand memories, they couldn't help themselves. LOL 🙂 I have marked every email as spam.

The next time each of these people tries to send someone an email, another red spam flag will appear against their email address. Imagine these bloggers and outreach specialists take another step to send all of their emails to spam or junk folders. What happens if 100% of your email goes to spam or junk?

Nothing happens. Literally. Expect to earn $ 0. Don't expect to do business. Almost no one reads spam because we all know that 99.99% of spam emails are not legitimate, trustworthy, credible emails from legitimate, trustworthy, credible sources. I took the time to warn people not just once but twice, like:

  • My prices are fixed and completely non-negotiable
  • only reply to the email if you pay my prices
  • I refer to all barter answers as spam junk

Now that I think about it, I've given these people three warnings. But fear blinds you. Fear of losing money or opportunities scares you to ignore email text, not trust someone's advice, and ignore warnings. What happens next? You are doing something that damages your credibility, damages your reputation, and affects your blogging income.

Hello; I personally think these are nice people. I love her. But I have to respect my time and respect their time by being perfectly clear with these people. This experience is never personal. I don't want to attach it to anyone. But think about it from my point of view: if I give you 3 warnings and you ignore 1 or 2, but ignore all 3, I will label your email as spam because you ignored all 3 … ..of …….. whose Mistake is that? Not mine. I warned you three times. That, my friend, is 100% your fault. You ignored 3 warnings. I can no longer warn you. I even warned you once. I am a nice guy. But I have my time limits.

I need to be in and out of email quickly to promote my course, eBooks and content through blogging and guest posts. I have to network. I circle the globe. I only have time to work with serious people who can read, process and understand 3 sentences and respect myself enough to trust my words.

Carelessness is the cause of death for blogging. Be over-conscious, attentive and attentive to all blogging interactions.

Pay attention! Read every word of every email. I only email 10-20 or maybe 30 words in 1-3 sentences. If you don't read 30 words that understand 30 words and can respect my time, how can you ever avoid spam folders and actually succeed online? The mindful, compassionate bloggers of the world rise to the top and are the crème de la crème. Everyone else languishes, fails and gives up.

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