Last week I said to myself:

"I'll be promoting my blogging course more."

From this split second this link appeared all over the web:

11 Basics of a Successful Blogging Audio Course

I learned from successful bloggers: Leave it all behind now. Act immediately. Don't let fear overwhelm you. Never hesitate, delay, or wait on the sidelines of blogging as action takers will spin rounds of bloggers sticking to the sidelines.

Check out this link above. Click it. I paid more attention to the course by responding to my decision to expose it now. I deleted the link because professional bloggers have the quality to seize the moment, act now and never prevent strong, intuitive and successful nudges.

5 months?

Some brokers emailed me in the past week with questions about my promotional packages. I had no idea who the people were. While browsing our email thread, the brokers last reached me in April 2020. 5 months is a lifetime in the blog world. Bloggers pull the trigger in seconds or hours. Asking for offers 5 months ago and asking 5 months later in an online environment is like asking for offers and asking 5 years later in an offline environment.

Usually bloggers who never get successful:

  • delay
  • Hem and haw
  • hesitate
  • stay firmly in the past

Everything goes online quickly. People who move slowly are left behind. My prices have increased a bit in the last 5 months. My requirements have changed too. Either you develop or you fail. Either act quickly because you will grab successful opportunities immediately or you will fall behind in your blogging niche.


Someone who reached out to me 5 months ago without responding since then is a dinosaur to me. I have met and / or made friends with a large number of people online over the past almost half a year. I've done business with some of these people.

Who do i prefer People who do business with me quickly and seamlessly. Who do I forget People who fall off my radar screen for months.

Be brave

Trade now. Go for what you want.

Invest in my blogging ebook:

How to Escape a 9-5 Job You Hate

if you feel sick and tired at work. Do not hesitate, do not hesitate and do not hesitate. Buy the eBook. Read it. Take notes. Put the notes into action. There is no time like the present. I wrote a helpful guide. Buy it. Use it.

Clear bloggers make decisions quickly. Clear bloggers are moving to the top of their niche. We create space for clear, unambiguous bloggers who are quickly approaching their dreams. You and I respond to your trust.

Be that type of blogger. Be brave. Be confident. Trade now.

Tips for acting now

Practice making blogging decisions quickly, definitely, and clearly. Develop the habit of being a courageous decision maker. Buy my course and eBook above. Work out. Practice to gain confidence in your ability to make decisions. Act now by being a confident blogger who makes clear decisions quickly.

Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes when you first make decisions quickly, you make decisions that marginalize your goals. Be gentle with yourself. Know that your decision-making skills will improve with time and practice.

Learn from your hesitant ways. I hurt my blogging business a little bit because I was a former retarder. Lesson learned. I vowed to myself never again to make the mistake of hesitating based on how I have punished myself through my hesitant ways of the past.


Stop waiting

Get into the blogging game.

Make clear, bold choices to break free.

Live your dreams as you get closer to your funniest and most liberating life.

Decide now to quickly make firm, clear and success-enhancing decisions.

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