I scanned for 3 minutes today and replied to emails.

How? I have not paid attention and energy to fear. Or I didn't pay attention and energy to bloggers who came to me from energies of fear. Starve the fear. Multiply your success. Wherever your attention and energy goes, grows. Give the most energy to success, abundance, the feeling of being generous, grateful and abundant.

Each of these energies expands in your life experience as the increasing blogging success manifests itself in more traffic and higher blogging profits. But the sticking point feels challenging sometimes; How the hell do you ignore frightened people? How do you ignore someone looking for a bargain? How do you ignore someone who wants to exchange your guest posts and sponsored contribution prices? Easy. Face your own fears, feel them and let them go.

I watched my feelings during the scan session. Every blogger feared losing money. People on a tight budget are afraid of losing money. People who want to pay less than your prices are afraid of paying more to reach your prices. What can you do? Treat it like me. Politely wish them the best in a 3-second email. Go on. Never trade, otherwise you are afraid of losing money. If you agree with someone who is afraid of losing money, you are also afraid of losing money. Never justify your pricing to someone who is afraid of losing money.

This proves that you are concerned that you and your prices are inappropriate and incorrect. A quick tip speeds up your blogging success: give 100% for love and abundance and 0% for fear, poverty and scarcity.

Love, abundance, and money expand in your experience. Fear, poverty, struggle and failure disappear. But localizing fear in others feels difficult at first because you have your own fears. Facing fear feels uncomfortable. Who likes this process? I certainly don't like facing fear. But you have to do it because recognizing fear in other people requires you to face, feel and let go of your own fears. Part of the blogging game.

Watch people who are afraid of losing money.

  • Barter
  • Negotiate
  • hem
  • hawing
  • delay
  • try to offer payments via tweets, social shares or based on the value of their unknown blogs

When you're a little broke, you really do stupid things. After I posted my prices, some bloggers tell me that they have no money or budget, but can pay me in a tweet. How would a tweet be like $ 100, for example? Why would someone who accepts $ 100 for their business just let you tweet to 400 lifeless followers instead?

Do you see how poverty distorts reality, deceives your mind and makes you do stupid, stupid things? For this reason, never give energy and attention to the fear that manifests as poverty in these people. Getting involved in their world of fear only brings fear, scarcity and poverty into your experience. Why? Wherever your attention and energy goes, grows.

Either ignore these people by not replying to their emails, or reply with an email titled “All the best :)” because letting go of love will thrive and allow these bad-thinking people to to thrive too. if you want to see the light. I prefer to leave people with love. They do what works for you, but make sure you don't give in to your fears by acting, negotiating, explaining your prices, or justifying your prices. If you give poverty a fraction of a second, poverty can creep into your experience by an inch. Why do you want this?

What is your relationship to fear today? I made a video a while ago asking you to check yourself from above. Check it out here:

I also cover this topic in my Fighting Anxiety eBook.

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