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Ask a remote worker and they'll likely list some work from home myths they've come across.

Read on as we cover some of the common myths about working from home and figuring out the truth about remote workers.

1. Remote workers are not productive

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The truth: Naysayers often have visions of remote workers watching TV or doing chores instead of doing work, but studies show that perception is wrong.

Having a micromanaging boss hovering over you doesn't mean you have more work to do. When the goals are clearly communicated, employees know what is expected of them and feel empowered to get the most out of their skills, whether or not they are in an office.

2. Remote work requires a lot of technical support or specialized equipment

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The truth: Most remote workers use regular desktops or laptops that were purchased from a retail store.

Sure, they may be using certain apps or software that are specific to their industry, but aside from a fast internet connection, furniture like an ergonomic chair and desk are the only things a remote worker really needs.

3. It's hard to keep in touch

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The truth: Sure, working remotely means you don't bump into colleagues at the water cooler. However, this does not mean that remote workers cannot be reached.

To be a successful remote worker, you need to share your schedule with your boss and co-workers so they always know when you are online and available and when you are not. There is also email, IM, and video chat so you can stay connected with your team and allow clear communication no matter where everyone is.

4. My job is not suitable for home work


The truth: It is true that some jobs require you to be onsite, but there may be parts of your job that you can do remotely.

So, look for areas of your job where you do desk work – these tasks can be done from home. All you need to do is reorganize your work week so that you have a day (or more) of all paperwork so you can work from home.

5. Everyone loves (or hates) remote work

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The truth: While everyone can benefit from working from home, not everyone is suitable – or wants to. While there are characteristics that make a great remote worker, not everyone enjoys working from home.

Some people are happier to be around other people, and others need to have their bosses around to get their jobs done. However, many employers still offer remote working options for employees looking for a better work-life balance.

6. Every day is PJ day

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The truth: Another common myth about remote work is that remote workers lounge in pajamas all day. While there is usually no dress code for work from home, remote workers know that changing into regular clothes is a start to the day and helps them feel more productive.

Dressing to impress in a work-from-home setting may not be tied to a business suit, but many remote workers dress casually to prepare for a successful day at work.

7. It's not a real job

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The truth: Remote jobs are available at all ends of the spectrum, from entry-level to executive positions. Remote jobs can be freelance or full-time jobs with the same benefits as an in-office appearance.

In fact, FlexJobs has over 50 different job categories with remote vacancies. Every day we hear from successful FlexJobs members finding remote work in a variety of industries. Remote job openings in all occupational fields are likely to continue to grow with advances in technology and a more open mindset to remote working.

8. You will never know your employees

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The truth: It seems that working from home is a lonely endeavor, with little human interaction throughout the day. While this is sometimes true (and even desired by some introverted employees), many remote jobs are collaborative and require frequent interaction with employees via email, instant messaging, video chatting, etc.

Just like an office job, remote workers need to attend meetings frequently, and some companies also offer virtual social activities for remote workers.

9. There is no accountability

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The truth: It can be a myth that remote workers don't have that much accountability and there is no way to tell if they are completing their job. Just because you can't see a remote worker doesn't mean they're out of production. And if a company can objectively measure goals and results, it should focus on results rather than physical presence.

10. Work-from-home jobs are scams

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The truth: One of the most common myths about remote working is that all work-from-home jobs are scams or are only available for certain entry-level jobs. The truth is that legitimate work-from-home jobs are available in a wide variety of occupational fields and at every professional level.

At FlexJobs, we review and review every job on our website so you can find legitimate jobs and enjoy a scam free search.

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