For a year of change, the launch of Instagram Reels was probably the biggest shake on social media.

The quick to create video format reflects TikTok very well, but there is still a long way to go to become the go-to place for developers and brands.

What does the future hold for Instagram reels?

From creator monetization options to shoppable videos, we share our top 10 predictions for 2021!

Instagram Role Predictions: What Can We Expect In 2021?

  1. The role algorithm becomes more complex
  2. Instagram offers developer monetization options
  3. New Instagram ad formats for roles
  4. Instagram adds shoppable Instagram Reels functionality
  5. Influencer marketing on wheels is becoming mainstream
  6. New and improved video editing tools on wheels
  7. More options for video collaboration to improve the virality of content
  8. The aesthetic of the Instagram roles remains better than that of TikTok
  9. New reels trends and challenges created by Instagram developers
  10. The video length has been increased to 60 seconds

# 1: The role algorithm is getting more sophisticated

If you've spent time on Instagram, you know that the algorithm can act in mysterious ways.

And now, with Instagram Reels in the mix, the secrets are all around the elusive Instagram algorithm continue.

Instagram roles can be spotted in many places on the Instagram app – which is what makes them important Growth hack for 2021 There are more ways for people to find and interact with your content.

In fact, there are four ways people can discover your Instagram roles

  1. The new Roles tab in the home screen navigation
  2. Scroll in the home feed
  3. The Explore page
  4. The Roles tab for individual profiles

Roles have a primary home on the new Roles tab in the navigation bar of the home screen. Instead of just seeing roles from accounts that you follow, here are roles from popular and trending accounts on Instagram.

"The tab offers an in-depth Reels experience with auto-play videos and a creation entry point that opens directly to the Reels camera," says so. Instagram.

Predictions for Instagram roles 2021

Roles can also be viewed in your Instagram home feed. As you scroll, roles of the brands you follow will appear in your personalized feed.

Eventually the roles will appear as you continue to scroll Explore page, which we already know is personalized based on your activities like brands you follow and the posts you liked the most and are most engaged in.

But how does Instagram decide which roles to show you in all of these goals?

Unfortunately, the Reels algorithm has not yet been officially released, but it feels similar to that TikTok for you page works.

We suspect the videos you see on your Roles tab likely depend on who you're already following, what content you're interacting with, and where you are.

What we can expect in the future is more transparency from Instagram about how the Reels algorithm works (just like Instagram explained how the algorithm works in your home feed). Along with advanced machine learning to identify the type of content you want to see.

Check out this section – the Reels feed gets a lot more personal and sophisticated.

What to find out the facts about Instagram algorithm? We share everything we know how the Instagram algorithm works – straight from sources at Instagram HQ!

# 2: Instagram introduces monetization options for creators

In 2020 a large number of Instagram monetization Options for creators, including IGTV ads and Instagram live badge.

Top social media moments of 2020

However, unlike YouTube, Instagram does not share advertising revenue with its creators. At least not until recently.

One day later Bloomberg reported Instagram was quick to say that Instagram generated $ 20 billion in advertising revenue in 2019 (a whopping $ 5 billion more than YouTube).

Instagram confirmed the entry into monetization tools for developers and announced to develop an "Instagram affiliate program".

But that was before Instagram Reels hit the global scene in August 2020.

With great hope that developers can create a source of income for IGTV content, it makes sense for Instagram to expand its monetization options to Instagram roles.

Right now, developers should use this time to experiment with reels and see what types of content will resonate with their audiences.

Then, by the time Instagram rolls out monetization features in 2021, you'll already have built an engaged audience. Check out this room!

# 3: new Instagram ad formats for roles

According to a current one report75% of Instagram users take action such as: B. Visiting a website or making a purchase after viewing an Instagram ad.

And Instagram has not held back in offering multiple ad formats for brands who want to target audiences and promote their products.

In addition to the new IGTV Ads launch, you can also use traditional ad routes like Photo Ads, Carousel Ads, Slideshow Ads, Video Ads, and Instagram Stories Ads.

When we compare formats, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories are similar in many ways. Both work best with vertical content, and both can be short-form videos.

instagram reels predictions for 2021

When it comes to discovery, Instagram Stories ads often blend in seamlessly with our Stories feed. Only a small sponsored post tag will appear in the top left corner of the screen.

And when done right, an Instagram Stories ad can look like organic branded content, with that swipe-up link delivering serious traffic to your website.

Now imagine what an Instagram Reels ad might look like – it could also be a 15-second video with a subtle "sponsored" tag in the caption or video.

The main benefit of adopting a Reels ad format is that Instagram has its own Reels Explore page that can be used to reach new audiences.

Because of the super-scrollable (and easily addicting!) Nature of reels, it's very easy for an ad to appear on someone else's feed without breaking their scrolling pattern.

The disadvantages? Well, there is (still!) No swipe-up link on Instagram Reels. Hence, Instagram could potentially try to add this feature or introduce clickable links in subtitles like IGTV.

Learn more about ad formats and how they can increase traffic and sales with our Step-by-step guide to running your first advertising campaign.

# 4: Instagram adds shoppable features for Instagram roles

Buyable Instagram Reels videos could be a real game changer for brands.

Imagine being able to present your product in action and immediately add it to the shopping cart via a clickable link – without leaving the Instagram app.

And according to Adam Mosseri from Instagram, it continues Instagram roles could soon be a possibility – to make almost every part of the app purchasable.

Now you can buy directly from IGTV. 🛍 🎥 And later this year we'll start testing shopping on casters.

We want to continue to make it easier for you to find products you love while supporting your favorite creators.

– Adam Mosseri @ (@mosseri) October 5, 2020

Not to forget that Reels have their own Explore page, which makes it even easier for new audiences to find your products.

So if we could send a wishlist to Instagram for 2021, this would be at the top of the list!

Plus, Shopping from creators is another way Instagram can post shoppable posts on reels.

Shopping from creators

Shopping for Creators launched in April and enables influencers and developers to tag products in their posts from the brands they work with. While it's still in a beta program for brands using the Instagram checkout feature, this could be the next big step in influencer marketing on Instagram.

What brings us further to …

# 5: Influencer marketing on wheels is going mainstream

Influencers and brands are already using reels as a promotional tool for products – and we think this is just the beginning!

Similar to TikTok, brands are likely to take the opportunity to partner with influencers to create branded Instagram roles, especially since Instagram was launched Branded content tags on rolls.

This update is a way for Instagram to ensure creators clearly state when to create branded content, increase transparency, and make it easier for creators and brands to create, share and expand branded content.

So with an official way to disclose sponsored content, we can expect an increase in brand-influencer collaboration.

If you are a brand or a company that or want to attract new customers Get More Instagram Followers, 2021 is the time to be one step ahead of the curve and work with influencers!

Not sure where to start? We have a complete Small Business Influencer Campaign Kit This includes free worksheets, checklists, and email templates to help you carry out every step of the way:

# 6: New and improved video editing tools on wheels

There's no denying that TikTok takes precedence when it comes to video editing features – you can master transitions, add speech effects, add text, apply AR filters, and even color correct your footage in TikTok.

So Instagram Reels' video editor has some serious catching up to do!

When Reels first launched in August 2020, most brands and developers re-used their TikTok videos and posted them on Reels. We saw a lot of repetitive content like TikTok Challenges on our Instagram feeds (more on that later in this post!).

And it comes down to how easy it is to create dynamic and original content on TikTok. One quick win that Instagram is expected to post in 2021 is the introduction of a voice-over tool on Reels.

With a voice-over tool, brands and developers have easy access to creating product demos and walkthroughs, as well as the ability to create micro-vlogs or create their own unique trending sound.

And let's not forget that some business accounts don't have access to music on Instagram Reels – this is an important blocker for brands and companies looking to create original and engaging content.

This is an improvement on the roles we cross our fingers and toes for!

# 7: More options for video collaboration to improve content virality

TikTok is known for its rapid viral status, where a simple video can garner hundreds of thousands of likes in a day (sometimes even fewer!).

One of the key factors for this mega-success is the TikTok collaboration tools such as Duet and Stitch.

Hit Tiktok

On TikTok, these features provide brands and companies with a fun way to creatively interact and connect with users in their community (and expand their reach even further!).

On the flip side, your community can interact with your branded videos and introduce your account to a whole new audience when a user posts a duet or sting to their feed.

There is currently nothing quite like the Duet or Stitch feature on Instagram Reels – users can only record their own footage or upload content from their camera roll.

If Instagram is looking to help brands and developers go viral on Reels, introducing collaboration features will help increase the reach of every single video post.

It's also a great way to get in touch with your community – a win-win situation for everyone!

# 8: The Instagram roles aesthetic remains more polished than TikTok

One of the main advantages of posting a Reels video is that it has multiple houses on your profile – it can live on your Instagram grid or on the new dedicated Instagram Reels tab on your profile.

how to get more followers in 2021

If you want to share roles on your profile grid (this is a great way to get valuable extra exposure and increase your virality), consider how they will look next to your other posts.

Your top 9-12 Instagram posts are often the first pieces of content that visitors to your profile see – and they can be the deciding factor in whether or not someone clicks the Follow button.

What will Instagram roles look like in 2021?

If your roles disrupt your aesthetics, they can slow your growth. A strong first impression counts on Instagram, especially when it comes to converting visitors into followers.

Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can jump on the reels trend and keep your aesthetic intact!

To help you along the way, there are 3 quick tips to help you along the way simple Instagram Reels design hacks – as well as the best editing apps to improve the aesthetics of your Instagram roles!

TIP: One of the best ways to make sure your Instagram aesthetic is always up to date is to plan and preview your posts in advance.

Later is free Visual Instagram planner shows you exactly what your Instagram feed will look like ahead of time so you can achieve the perfect Instagram aesthetic!

You can easily rearrange or swap photos from your media library until you find the best composition for your feed.

Also, you can now use Later's Visual Planner right from your phone! All you have to do is open the Later app, select Preview, and then select Add Media.

# 9: New trends and challenges on roles, created by Instagram Creators

For many of the world's greatest creators, Instagram is home. And Instagram as a brand has always encouraged creativity and originality in the app.

One big change we're anticipating on Instagram is a serious push to make Instagram Reels the go-to place for the huge network of developers on the platform.

Instagram has already started building roads, for example the series “Instagram Reels Star Search” on Instagram. Organized by @ Tiffstips, Creators like @ Cameronynastar, @perrishoward, @ Jacobvanlue, @asafyrov, and @chilltrillbill Attend each week to share your industry knowledge and top tips for entertainment on wheels.

Instagram has even partnered with influencers @ Jeffrightnow to announce the new homepage layout which has received over 1.2 million views!

So what can we expect from the developers at Reels? Trends and challenges that arose on roles, not on TikTok.

For now, most of the viral trends and challenges have moved from TikTok to Reels, but with a slew of talented developers, Instagram could kick off something completely unique and organic

Expect some native challenges to start (and go viral) on Instagram in 2021!

# 10: Video length of Instagram roles extended to 60 seconds

Instagram Reels lets you record 15 to 30 second long clips that have been set to music on Instagram.

While at TikTok users can record videos for up to 60 seconds. And while it's only a 30 second difference, users were quick to point it out.

And depending on what content you want to post, the maximum of 30 seconds on Instagram Reels can feel short. If you're creating content around the 60 second mark, it might be too long for Instagram Stories but too short for IGTV.

So Instagram has a real chance of finding a home for this middle-of-the-road, extremely engaging content on Reels.

For now, we recommend holding your videos for less than 15 seconds as they will automatically play in the Instagram feed.

Anything that is longer than 15 seconds and a viewer must tap "Watch More" to see the video in full. One big flaw in the system is that the reels start playing from the beginning as soon as you tap this button!

The user experience is a little awkward right now and can result in low display rates and engagement.

However, if you keep your reels below the 15 second mark for the time being, your audience will be able to watch your video from start to finish as you scroll through the home feed!

And that's it – all of our top predictions for 2021 and the future of Instagram Reels!

While Instagram still has a long way to go to keep up with TikTok, there is tremendous potential for brands and developers to access Reels now and take advantage of the rewards in the near future!

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Nikki Canning

Nikki is Later's editor-in-chief. She has worked in digital media in Dublin, London and Sydney and loves nothing more than posting a new post. When she's not blogging with the Later team, find her outdoors with her dog, Arlie, or planning her next adventure – follow @nikkitravelled.


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