By following stock photographers on Instagram, you can find the latest and most creative inspiration for your feed.

However, with so many content creators in the mix, it can be harder to find photographers who fit your branding style than you think!

In this blog post, we're sharing 10 great stock photographers to boost your creativity and inspire your feeds:

Why Following Stock Photographers on Instagram is Great for Inspiration and Strategy

If you want to add more engaging content to your Instagram feed, Stock Photography can be one of the best ways to find high quality, free content.

We know what you might be thinking, "Share, really?" but trust us.

Long gone are the days of below-average (and sometimes very kitschy) photography. In fact, inventory has evolved to give brands access to a royalty-free, global library of quality content – all at your fingertips.

Whether you want to add engaging graphics to your feed or find creative images for your Instagram stories, photography is an effective resource that can save you time, effort, and money.

By following stock photographers on Instagram, you can keep up to date with their latest work. This is a great way to find new inspiration for your future content plan.

And when you've found the stock photographers you love, you're ready to go to Later's Unsplash integration to browse their royalty-free images and add them to your content plan!

With just a few clicks, you can quickly collect, edit, and schedule quality photos without having to leave them later to create an eye-catching feed.

Later, you can also give the original photographer proper credit so you have even less to worry about before planning and publishing.

The good news? It's free for all future users. Just log into the desktop app to search for branded photos for your business.

10 stock photographers on Instagram are now following:

Finding stock photographers who suit your content goals and aesthetic can be time consuming. Trust us, it is definitely worth the effort.

Following stock photographers on Instagram is a great way to keep up with all of their latest work and can even provide valuable curation inspiration.

Here are 10 stock photographers we love to follow on Instagram – and we believe you will, too!

Stock Photographer # 1: Tania Cervian for creative portraits

Tania Cervian (based in Granada and Seville in Spain)@tania_cervian) captures light, color and human emotions that will make you think about it for days.

Discover them Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 2: Sergey Filimonov for eye catching concept photography

With a feed that makes you believe there isn't an over-abstract concept for portraits or lifestyle photography, Russian-based photographer Sergey Filimonov (@sergeyfilimonov) has a unique and creative approach.

Discover his Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 3: Neek Mason for atmospheric still life concepts

With a calculated combination of graphics and design, Neek Mason (@neekmason) tells an engaging digital story in a muted palette that will seriously feed you.

Discover them Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 4: Spencer Davis for wanderlust-worthy photography

If travel content is your thing, Spencer Davis& # 39; Feed (@spencerdavisphoto) is full of vivid and fascinating shots – from bustling cityscapes to stunning nature photography.

Discover his Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 5: Leire Cavia for various editorials

Fashion and portrait photographer Leire Cavia (@ leire.cavia) Specialized in playful and bright concepts, often paired with modern architecture that will make your feed burst!

Discover them Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 6: Christian Cody for High Fashion Collaborations

Christian Cody (@christian_cody) is a portrait artist with a high fashion aesthetic. His feed takes you on an educational journey together.

Discover his Existing library Here.

Stock photographer # 7: Monika Pronk for sun-drenched summer shots

Monika Pronk based in Sydney, Australia (@monicapronkphotography) keep it bright with her summer lifestyle and fashion photography.

Discover them Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 8: Chelsea Cavanaugh for beautiful flatlays

If you're looking for the perfect flatlay, Chelsea Cavanaugh (@chelseammc) is the photographer for you. From everyday objects to tempting table landscapes, she has everything under control!

Discover them Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 9: Chelsea Francis for body positive pictures

Body positivity all day, all day. Chelsea Francis (@ohhhchelsea) is a talented photographer, creative director, and entrepreneur who only has real conversations.

Discover them Existing library Here.

Stock Photographer # 10: A collectors' festival of droolable food photography

If you're looking for fun food images with a playful twist, A Forager & # 39; s Feast is the place for you (@aforagersfeast) on Instagram.

Discover them Existing library Here.

Adding stock photography to your strategy can be one of the best ways to bolster your feed and add variety to your content plan.

And the best news is, it's never been easier!

Log in to Later to search the Unsplash library as part of your social media workflow today!

Written by

Elaine Rystead

Elaine is a content creator, marketer, and social media consultant based in Vancouver, BC. She is also the co-founder of Local Wanderer, a bright and adorable travel blog devoted to the locality. Follow behind the scenes: @elainery.


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