If you have heard a lot about my training and would like to show yourself how to find partner products that you often advertise for, I personally refer to the Clickbank marketplace. The reason why I do this is that Clickbank approves practically everyone (unless you are from Nigeria or another country outside the approval zones) and has an amazing range of products that can be promoted with high commissions.

The other reasons are that most of the money I make comes from Clickbank and that they are extremely reliable with their timely payments and I have built a good relationship with them over the years.

In this blog post, however, I want to share with you a list of other alternatives that you should consider, since I don't want my own bias to prevent you from seeing that there is a whole world of affiliate offerings that can be advertised outside of Clickbank.

I think it will be an overkill to join all ten, but these other networks make billions of dollars in transactions every year, and many have fantastic deals that are not available at ClickBank.

I have several affiliate millionaire friends who earn most of their income outside of Clickbank, and you may find some of these affiliate marketing platforms very useful.

They are here in no particular order:

1. Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare offers affiliate programs from major brands, but you have to apply to advertise them and it is not always easy to be accepted. Best for those who already have experience.

Rakuten LinkShare Marketing "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/Rakuten%20LinkShare%20.png?10046&1433885379 "style =" width: 200px; Border: 10px; float: left; Height: 81px; Rakuten LinkShare has many physical products to promote, including some major brands. It is not the fastest login or the simplest navigation, but there are many helpful instructions.

You must sign in to each advertiser before you can advertise their products. This characterizes the process, but also shows that higher quality is important here.

More information on comparing Rakuten LinkShare and Clickbank can be found here.

2. Conversant's CJ partner

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is easy to use and full of useful statistics. There are a variety of product types to apply.

CJ partner of Conversant "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/CJ%20Affiliate%20by%20Conversant.png?10046&1433885835 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 63px; Border: 10px; float: left;CJ Affiliate is like Rakuten Linkshare in that you have to contact individual advertisersThis takes longer than the immediate acceptance of many other networks (e.g. ClickBank).

However, it is usually not too difficult to be accepted by most advertisers here. You just have to be a legitimate marketer with ethical practices.

It is easy to filter the products here by category, maintenance area, language, currency, etc. This makes it very convenient for you to find the best products that can be advertised quickly and painlessly.

CJ Affiliate has a very wide range of products to advertise. If you want to know exactly how to use CJ Affiliate by Conversant, read the guide in our free lessons here.

Learn more about how CJ Affiliate is compared to ClickBank here.

3. ShareASale

ShareASale is another well-known affiliate network with many product options.

ShareASale "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/ShareASale(2).png?10046&1433886085 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 57px; Border: 10px; float: left;Signing up to ShareASale is easy and easy, but it's not the easiest platform to navigate through the features available. Find a dealer by clicking the "Dealer" icon at the top and then "Find a Dealer". You can then filter for keywords, categories, or a mixture of information in an advanced search.

Participating in affiliate programs is not easy. You must verify that you own your website before you can join any of these websites. To do this, you need to insert a key in the header tag of your website.

A bonus with ShareASale is the addition of products to your "shopping cart". This means that you can save information about retailers or products that you later want to request, review, or export.

There are a variety of physical and digital products in this network. Learn more about How ShareASale is directly compared to ClickBank.

4. Market health

Market Health is best suited for partners who want to promote physical products in health-related niches. Newbie friendly.

Market Health "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/Market%20Health.png?10046&1433886503 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 75px; Border: 10px; float: left;Market Health is an affiliate network with a variety of health products. Some of the categories include general health, weight loss, intestinal health, men's health, cosmetics, health and beauty, skin care, sports nutrition and others.

It is very easy to sign up and the website is extremely easy to use. You can search for product categories, view the products presented or sort by country / language.

If your website theme has anything to do with the health niche, this could be a really great network for you.

For more information on Market Health and how to compare with ClickBank, see the full lesson.

5. Neverblue

Neverblue is a CPA network with a good reputation, but it can be difficult to be accepted.

Neverblue "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/Neverblue.png?10046&1433887269 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 68px; Border: 10px; float: left;Neverblue is a very respected CPA or cost-per-action network. This basically means that you get commission when people take an action, e.g. For example, register or enter details in a form.

Neverblue connects people who want traffic and leads with those who can guide it. Neverblue has an incredible reputation. Wherever I looked, people are very happy with the support and communication, as well as the assignments and integrity.

The hardest thing about Neverblue is being accepted. The website is very cautious about the potential for fraud and checks everyone before accepting them. If you have nothing to hide, just be honest and you'll be fine.

The website offers a variety of options to choose from and is known to pay correctly and on time.

Learn more about how Neverblue is compared to ClickBank here.

6. Affiliate.com

Another CPA network, less known as Neverblue, but still serious.

Affiliate.com "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/affiliate_com.png?10046&1433888893 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 48px; Border: 10px; float: left;Affiliate.com prefers more advanced than advanced partners. So if you don't have a lot of experience, you should try one of the other networks first.

To register with the site, you must complete a partner application, which the site will review within 2 working days. You will receive a call to confirm all of your information and be assigned to an affiliate manager.

At this point, Affiliate.com claims almost 2,000 live campaigns in different categories, so there is definitely a wide choice to choose from.

Check out the free lesson to see how Affiliate.com compares directly with ClickBank.

7. JVZoo

A digital product network like Clickbank.

JVZoo "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/JVZoo.png?10046&1433893945 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 82px; Border: 10px; float: left;JVZoo is very similar to Clickbank in that it is a network for partners and sellers based on digital products. It's easy to navigate, and just like Clickbank, you can get an idea of ​​the products you could advertise on the marketplace before you even signed up.

However, there are many less than ideal affiliate programs on this network. Some have terrible grammatical errors or poorly executed sales pages.

This doesn't mean that you can't succeed with JVZoo, just that you need to filter the products carefully before you decide to advertise anything on your website. This applies to every network, but is particularly important here.

I like how Nathaniel did it in his review, "Can you make money with JVZoo?" Explained. Check this out if you want more information about this network.

Read the full lesson to see how JVZoo is directly compared to ClickBank.

8. PeerFly

A high quality CPA network that prides itself on being tailor-made.

PeerFly "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/PeerFly.png?10046&1433894305 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 75px; Border: 10px; float: left;Peerfly is another CPA affiliate network, which in turn offers high quality offers and an excellent reputation. However, you must apply and be approved.

This review process is a really good thing, even if it takes a little more time and effort. If you are accepted, you are in good hands.

The cool thing about PeerFly is that the software is purpose-built, so downtime or other hosting-related issues are unlikely.

You can apply to be a publisher from anywhere in the world. PeerFly offers convenient payment options. You can even opt for weekly payments so you don't have to wait to get your commissions. The website offers PayPal, Payoneer, check, bank transfer or ACH transfers if you live in the United States.

You can also access your statistics on your phone from the mobile statistics page.

Further information on the direct comparison of PeerFly with ClickBank can be found here.

9. Amazon Associates

To promote an enormous variety of products, but low commissions.

Amazon Associates "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/Amazon_com%20Associates.png?10046&1433894417 "style =" width: 200px; float: left; Height: 41px; Border: 10px;Everyone has heard of Amazon. It's a big player in e-tail and internet marketing games, and as a partner, you can take advantage of this huge network.

This is probably one of the broadest networks you can advertise with something for almost every niche. It is also very easy and straightforward to advertise products.

The well-known name Amazon means that the purchase on this network is associated with a high level of trust. This will work in your favor if you advertise the products here.

The downside here is that the commission rate is tiny, you have a much smaller window where you can persuade people to buy (only 24 hours), and it's difficult to get approved by the network. Ideally, you need a website that already has good traffic to be accepted and worthwhile.

You can find more information or sign up for Amazon Associates here.

The full lesson tells you more about how Amazon Associates is compared to ClickBank.

10. eBay partner network

Huge variety of products, but you need a website with high quality traffic to be successful.

eBay partner network "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/eBay%20Partner%20Network.png?10046&1433895275 "style =" width: 200px; Height: 42px; Border: 10px; float: left;The eBay Partner Network is very similar to the Amazon Associates network. There is a large amount of products you can advertise for, and you get the added benefit of eBay's credibility: people know that it is safe to buy on eBay.

It is difficult to join this network unless you have a website with a lot of high quality traffic, which is fair enough because you need this high quality traffic to earn a decent commission anyway.

More information about the commissions you can earn on the eBay partner network can be found here.

The full lesson tells you more about how eBay's partner network is directly compared to ClickBank.

So what should I choose?

Depending on your individual marketing needs, you can choose one or more of these networks from which you want to advertise.

If you are looking for digital products, Clickbank is actually one of the best networks. It has a high percentage of commissions and a large selection of products, many of which are of good quality.

If you haven't found what you are looking for with Clickbank, I would try gravity filtering to find the best niche and products for you before you give up. Instructions on how to get the most out of Clickbank can be found here.

If you're looking for physical products instead of Clickbank digital products, the best options are:

If none of the above calls you or you are only more interested in CPA marketing, Neverblue and PeerFly are the top two networks you can apply for.

If you have a lot of experience and traffic or a large social following, you may want to try advertising on Amazon and / or eBay. It's just about having the right audience to advertise products from these well-known websites.

If you want to compare networks directly for yourself, try this table as a guide:

Clickbank alternative comparison table "src =" https://cdn.affilorama.com/files/image/affiliates-table2.png?10046&1433898831 "style =" width: 800px; Height: 461px; Top edge: 10px; Bottom edge: 10px;

Add this to my website

Compare affiliate programs and networks

You are not limited to a network or platform. So you can also try out all the networks that could be of use to you.

There are many networks other than those listed above, but these are either the ones in which I know others are very successful, or I have personally met with the networks and know the quality of their organization and offerings.

I am interested in your comments. Let me know your own experiences and opinions.


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