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The COVID-19 crisis has taken a breathtaking blow to the US economy and others around the world. Microsoft expects unemployment to reach a quarter of a billion people worldwide in 2020.

But the pandemic was not terrible for all industries. Microsoft analyzed data from LinkedIn's latest business chart, which captures trends in the workforce and emerging skills gaps. 10 occupations are identified that are in demand and are expected to grow, even in the economy destroyed by corona viruses.

Microsoft expects its new global skills initiative to train around 25 million people in digital skills by the end of the year to fill these 10 vacancies. These jobs:

  • Do you have some of the most open positions
  • Have seen steady growth over the past four years
  • Pay a living wage
  • You need skills that can be learned online

Scroll through this slideshow to see which jobs are still in high demand. Maybe you will find a new career.


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