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  2. Social media content that converts
  3. Visual content that motivates consumers to buy
  4. Examples of effective video content marketing
  5. Content marketing is a must for any marketing strategy

When it comes to driving traffic and increasing conversions, content is key to your digital marketing strategy.

Content marketing gives you the ability to place keywords optimally and offers tons of information that search engines can scan to get higher rankings.

All of this leads to higher visibility, brand awareness and more traffic to your website.

About 60% of marketers value content as very or extremely important to their business success.

But only 27% of them feel that their efforts are very or extremely successful.

That's because content marketing isn't easy.

It takes time, research, and focus to create meaningful material that will appeal to an audience.

The good news is that content marketing is a big category. So there are many ways to deliver high quality content that is necessary for increasing sales.


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Here are 11 great examples of content marketing by individuals and organizations who have mastered the art of content marketing.

Follow their example to learn how to create your own inspirational content that will generate leads and drive sales.

Blogs with powerful content marketing strategies

1. GaryVaynerchuk.com

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

Gary Vaynerchuk became an internet star as the mad host of the Wine Library TV video blog.

Now he's a two-time best-selling author and co-founder of Vayner Media, a digital marketing agency that services some of the world's biggest brands.


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On his website, Vaynerchuk publishes an authoritative blog article every three to four days.

His posts lead with eye-catching zippy covers, and the compelling information covers everything from how-to guides to introductions to training for new services and products.

While many of his articles are now related to his marketing business, he still publishes articles for his wine lovers.

As a result, he has a great mix of content to suit the diverse needs of his diverse audience.

Its videos, podcasts, and useful articles (full of backlinks and helpful takeaways) attract prospects, engage readers, and lure them into converting to customers.

2. The Home Depot Blog

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

The Home Depot blog is a great example of content marketing.

First, everyday people who enjoy and have experience with home improvement projects contribute as guest authors and post-project tips and ideas on the blog.

Not only are they relatable, but they create content based on first-hand experience that readers can trust.

In addition to providing useful content, the Home Depot blog posts have plenty of links to products in their stores that readers can use to complete the projects covered on the blog.

So you don't just build a following with your content.

They crush SEO with keywords, links, and a hands-on user experience.

By directing readers to useful articles on their company website, they increase sales and conversions on a daily basis.

3. Hertz travel blog

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

While most people know Hertz as the leading car rental company, the Hertz travel blog is an added value for their audience.


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From seasoned international travelers to the casual leisure traveler, members of the Hertz blog audience will find extremely useful information to help plan their trips.

While some of the posts mention car rental companies, the bulk of their content ranges from insider tips for getting the most out of hotel stays to sightseeing tours for the time-crunched traveler.

Articles and videos are immersed in haunting storytelling that engages audiences and appeals to the sense of adventure and willingness.

Hertz makes sure their articles are highly shared and always have large social media link buttons at the top of each post.

This makes it easier for readers to pass the information on to their own contacts, expanding the company's reach and increasing brand awareness.

4. Cracker Barrel Blog

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

Cracker Barrel is known for its homemade cuisine and old-fashioned clothing, memorabilia, and retro goodies shop.


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Your audience will be interested in everything from food to Christmas decorations. Hence, it takes some clever messages to appeal to their followers.

The Cracker Barrel blog is a simple layout that highlights a variety of articles to cater to the needs of everyone they touch.

Your recipe items contain links to branded items that people can buy in the store.

Christmas decorating tips include products they sell and customers who want to buy them.

Not only is your information helpful and useful, it is also great for SEO and search engine rankings.

Cracker Barrel's blog offers visitors many opportunities to convert and generate income for the business.

Social media content that converts

5. American Red Cross #DoingMyPart

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

The American Red Cross has developed a toolkit of messaging suggestions and image options for its #DoingMyPart social media campaign.


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It encouraged people to post photos of themselves on their social media accounts to stop the spread of the coronavirus and to tag their posts with the campaign hashtag.

While the organization thought people could post pictures of themselves washing their hands, wearing face masks, or donating blood, the campaign took on a life of its own.

The people on Twitter have started posting more creative ways they can help fight the virus. They flooded the network with photos of themselves, staffed COVID-19 call centers, and received vaccine injections.

By encouraging their followers to personalize company news and create user-generated content that focuses on a current topic, the Red Cross has increased engagement, awareness and conversions.

6. Starbucks SipSmileSpring

To promote their new spring beverage line, Starbucks created an interactive game called SipSmileSpring on their Instagram account.

In the game, users control gameplay by simply smiling at the right time.

Not only is it a fun way for Starbucks to engage their audience, but they encourage people to share the post, tag Starbucks, and get the chance to have their video posted on the brand's page too.


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This promotes brand awareness and engagement in a highly creative way.

Due to the novelty of the idea, over 79,000 views were received in the first two hours after the campaign started.

7. Levis 7 days 7 ways

The renowned jeans brand used their Instagram page to create a social challenge called 7 Days 7 Ways.

Levi promoted sustainability and urged people to reject fast fashion. He asked people to style their favorite Levi jeans with a different look every day for a week.

They felt that doing so would encourage people to wear their jeans more often between washes, extend the life of the product while protecting the environment at the same time.

Followers posted pictures of their styles and tagged the company to increase brand awareness and create a sense of community by inspiring others with fashion recommendations and social awareness.

Visual content that motivates consumers to buy

8. Pizza Hut

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

Pizza Hut's emails and social media posts have a heavy focus on images in their marketing campaigns and are filled with enticing product photos.


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Steaming hot pizza, cheesy toppings and crispy crusts appeal to the audience's senses.

The photos are causing a stir on social media, generating sales through cellphone ads and email campaigns.

They do a great job of telling a story through the photos they post while generating interest and showing how their product is superior to the competition. "

9. Kendra Scott

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

As a leader in women's jewelry, home decor, beauty and gifts, the Kendra Scott brand understands the importance of visual impact.


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The company features beautiful product shots in its marketing campaigns that grab viewers' attention and identify features that make the products unique.

Kendra Scott also uses photos to recommend the use of products. She shows consumers how to wear their items to keep up with the latest trends and create unique looks to showcase users' individuality.

The pictures don't even need words to get their message across. This is a sign of an effective visual content marketing campaign.

Examples of effective video content marketing

10. Delicious

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

One frustration consumers experience is when words don't adequately describe a product or process.


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Tasty is a foodie network where people can find recipes and learn cooking tips and tricks.

Your marketing focuses heavily on using well-executed videos of someone who is actually making a recipe.

Their upbeat aerial videos show step by step how ingredients are combined and the food cooked without asking questions about misinterpretation of the recipe instructions.

The videos are extremely popular and provide a forum for people to leave comments and provide feedback on the recipe, its ingredients, and the video itself.

Tasty's marketing campaign is more than a simple instructional video. It forms a community of like-minded people and connects them. This makes them an invaluable resource that people love to share with their own contacts.

11. Sunny Paige

11 examples of great content marketing to inspire your digital marketing strategy

Despite being a small town boutique, Sunny Paige makes extensive use of Facebook live video.


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Every week the company hosts a live meeting at its store to showcase the items currently featured.

Staff guide viewers through the store and model clothes and accessories as they explain the key features of each item.

Everything is very relaxed and talkative, as if you were talking to your personal friends.

This creates trust with their prospects and arouses interest in their products and their business.

By including these live videos in her marketing strategy, Sunny Paige can answer questions about fit, material, and price that build viewers' confidence and encourage them to purchase.

Content marketing is a must for any marketing strategy

Whether you use blogs, social media, or videos, content marketing is a must for any digital marketing strategy.

It enables you to connect your target audience with your products, position you as an authority in your field and boost SEO efforts for better SERPs.

Think outside the box to find fun and creative ways to stand out from your competition while also serving as a resource for your audience.


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