The sexual performance of men will decrease due to age or physical illness. Under the pressure of life and changes in the living environment, sexual function also seems to be slightly impaired. So what means can we use if sexual function is still normal? In other words, what methods are used to help restore sexual function problems?

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1. Sitz bath improves sexual function

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Bathing regularly can improve a man's sexual function, which is of great benefit to the health of his genital organs. In particular: a wooden pool, half a pool with hot water, the water temperature should be as high as possible so as not to burn the male improvement of Mexico. The hip bath time is 20 to 30 minutes, while the hot water continues to store heat. This is a type of heat therapy that can promote local blood circulation and has a good health-promoting effect. Not only can it improve sexual function, it can also treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis.

2. 15 pushups a day

For men, pushups are the preferred exercise to improve sexual performance. Because to complete a push-up, the muscles of the arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs have to work closely together. Men also need to mobilize these muscles during sex to bring more blood to the penis. When a man has a strong push-up ability, his physical fitness is better, his movements are stronger and more permanent if he accepts the upper sex of men. In addition, regular pushups can improve the elasticity of blood vessels and increase blood flow in the extremities, which can also support erections and reduce erectile dysfunction.

In general, after the age of 40, if a man can do 15 pushups a day, his physical fitness should be guaranteed during sex. If physical strength is poor, you can start with simple exercises 50 cm from the wall, push the wall with your arms to support your body, do 12-15 times each, and practice 3 times a day. Gradually change to a prone position with increasing physical strength. Make sure that you keep your back straight and that your hips and tummy are tight each time you exercise.

3. Usually soak in a warm water bath

Thermal bath or warm water bath, castor oil for 30 minutes a day for erectile dysfunction. The hot spring water is rich in minerals such as zinc and manganese, which regulate autonomic nerve function, quickly relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation and can improve blood circulation to the penis and sexual function.

4. Anal tightening method

Sit in a kneeling position first and then adjust your breathing. Then slowly start breathing in with the strength of your stomach. As I breathed in, my anus gradually contracted, thinking of the feeling of breathing air from the anus. After filling the belly with air, this time compress the belly as if you want to compress the air behind it.

Then he arched his stomach as if to push the air from his back to his head. As you exhale, exhale slowly as if you want to push the air towards your heart and jaw. and the tense anus gradually relaxes as you exhale. After exhaling, the contraction of the anus is tighter than expected as long as the abdomen is squeezed. If you repeat steps 1 to 4 for about ten minutes, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves can become smoother during the transfer of functions.

5. Back meditation

The male lies undressed and with a loose belt on his back, with a flat pillow and extended limbs, a comfortable body and a calm mind. After entering the country, his mind was calm and his attention was paid to Dantian. Breathing should be natural and gradually deepen, slow down and become thinner after the limbs relax, taking the warmth of the lower abdomen as a degree. 30 minutes each time, once every morning and evening before getting up and before going to bed. After the end, massage the lower abdomen counterclockwise for 36 weeks and clockwise for 36 weeks. Then hold the testicles, scrotum and penis together with your palms. Gently rub for 15 minutes at a rate of about 60 times a minute, with the genitals slightly warm. As a rule, 1 week is one treatment. This function relaxes tendons and activates collaterals, reconciles Yin and Yang and can be used as an auxiliary treatment for impotence patients.

6, often in the sun

Sunlight helps suppress melatonin levels in the body, which affects not only sleep but also libido. The less melatonin, the stronger the libido. Especially in winter, you should go outdoors every day to bask in the sun.

7. Change the bath with hot and cold water

This is a very old practice method to improve male sexual function. With alternating hot and cold water baths, it is best to maintain a certain indoor temperature to avoid colds. After the bath is fully warmed, leave the bath and apply cold water to the genital area. Wait about 3 minutes and then enter the bathtub after the genitals have shrunk. This can be done after repeating 3-5 times. If you can insist on taking turns "bathing" every day, this can energize middle-aged men, improve sexual function and reduce fatigue.

8. Stimulate the groin to strengthen testicular function

Stimulating the inguinal canal can also significantly improve sexual function. The groin is the path that transports blood to the testicles and connects the nerves. Good blood flow to the inguinal canal is therefore very important. The method of massaging the inguinal canal is to press on both sides of the genital root with two fingers and rub from top to bottom to stimulate blood flow to the testicles. Massage once a day. You can massage yourself in bed every night before bed.

9. Swim to extend erection time

Due to the buoyancy in the water, the entire body muscles can be trained in the most relaxed state, especially when swimming with the breast, moving the legs in succession, with which the muscles are well trained, and with the butterfly stroke, you can train waist penis extender, abdominal and back muscles. When combined with the effects of water, it helps improve your sexual perception. Overseas surveys have shown that even if some swimmers reach the ages of 60 to 80, their sex lives are still the same as for men around 30 who have sex more than once a week.

10. Practice squats often

Can exercise the buttocks and leg muscles, let the blood flow to the genitals, the genitals are clogged to generate sexual desire. Need for action: Open your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and imagine that you are sitting in a chair. The deeper you squat, the more you can train your gluteus maximus. Then get up slowly and hold your stomach when you get up. The action should be slow, the best effect is 10-15 times in a row.

11. Levator anus exercise

It's very easy. You can lift the anus with your mind and do it at any time. This method allows the muscles around the anus to be trained, helps maintain sexual function without premature aging, and improves symptoms of impotence.

Sex is work that uses energy and physical strength. Remember to take part in physical exercises, especially regular aerobic endurance exercises such as jogging, biking, and walking, so as not to tire you and them. The lower limbs can not only train muscles, but also increase the permanent will. The doctor said that the “rise and fall” of sexual function has a very direct and close relationship with the waist, buttocks and legs.

These eleven more life-oriented methods are achievable, what Viagra does for women, but you should also make sure that the measures are standardized during the process to prevent sports injuries and other situations!


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