Many brands on Pinterest already use the enormous potential for marketing and growth.

From creating engaging community forums to sharing inspirational content to optimizing pins to increase sales and traffic, the best brands on Pinterest know exactly how to post!

In this blog post, we introduce 12 of the best brands on Pinterest and share how they use the platform to grow their business.

How 12 top brands use Pinterest to grow

As a visual search platform, Pinterest helps people make informed purchasing decisions.

According to Pinterest, they are reaching 77% of all women 25-54 in the United States – a population group that is estimated to be almost controlled 75% of discretionary expenditure until 2028.

If you don't have a Pinterest marketing strategy yet, now is a good time to get started. And we're looking for inspiration for some of the best in the business.

Here are 12 top brands on Pinterest that inspire your marketing strategy today:

  1. Robust
  2. Use cosmetics
  3. Whole food market
  4. Mejuri
  5. Fifty beauties
  6. Etsy
  7. Chick Fil-A
  8. Honestly WTF
  9. Airbnb
  10. Free people
  11. Hustle and bustle
  12. The container store

Brands on Pinterest # 1: Ruggable's e-commerce driving pin strategy

Ruggable, a durable and affordable carpet brand, may not be the largest brand on the market, but they know exactly how the latest Pinterest tools and features work for them!

Take the new shop tab For example, a feature developed by Pinterest to help during the COVID 19 crisis that allows Pinners to search and shop for branded product pins.

Robust was the first to add the shop tab to his Pinterest profile and updated it consistently!

12 brands on Pinterest that you can be inspired by

On Ruggable's "Shop" tab, information is retrieved from Pinterest's existing product pin function and the pins are linked directly to the checkout page on their website. This optimizes the path to purchase and increases sales.

The Shop tab is a great addition for retailers and regular users looking for shopable inspiration on Pinterest. Brands like Ruggable that use this new feature could see a big advantage in their bottom line.

TIP: To add a Shop tab to your profile, you must first participate in Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program. Learn everything you need to know about the program and how to be accepted. Here.

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Brands on Pinterest # 2: Benefit Cosmetics & # 39; On-Brand Aesthetic

Not only is Use cosmetics Known for her amazing beauty products, but also for her precise aesthetics in social media, especially on Pinterest!

With 2.5 million monthly viewers on their Pinterest profile, Benefit Cosmetics does a great job of incorporating their branding into everything they attach, such as product campaigns, inspiring quotes and beauty tutorials.

In addition to their uniform pink color palette, they add their logo to most organic pins. This is huge to increase your brand awareness, especially when other users save your pins!

12 brands on Pinterest that you can be inspired by

If you want the audience to know your brand when they see it, focus on benefit and consistently use your font, colors and logo as part of your Pinterest strategy.

Brands on Pinterest # 3: Whole Foods' Rich Pins for click-throughs

Health-oriented supermarket Whole food market knows that rich pins are your SEO "bread and butter" on Pinterest. They help spread brand awareness and help you add more context to your posts!

The brand uses rich pins to provide cooking information, provide real-time product availability information, and send Pinterest users to their blog posts!

12 brands on Pinterest that you can be inspired by

You can use rich pins to allow more app downloads, link to one of your items, or send users directly to your in-stock products.

Want to learn more about the wonders of Rich Pins on Pinterest? We go to the details in our Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing!

Brands on Pinterest # 4: Mejuri for user-generated content

Canadian jewelry brand Mejuri keeps your pins fresh and cool by implementing user generated content (UGC).

Mejuri has built a strong online community with the help of his #thefinecrew ambassador network – and his Pinterest feed (just like theirs) Instagram feed) proves it with many breathtaking UGC that fit their aesthetics perfectly!

You even have one dedicated Pinterest board for their community. And that's not all, they actually integrate UGC into almost every one of their boards.

Pinterest was developed to build communities and redistribute high-quality content from developers. So it's easy to curate UGC on your Pinterest profile!

Brands on Pinterest # 5: Fenty Beauty for video and cross promotion

As seen in Later’s 18 creative brands on TikTok that can inspire you Blog entry, Fenty Beauty by RIHANNA prevails when it comes to creating video content.

Even better, video content on Pinterest has the upper hand. No wonder Fenty advertises YouTube videos and their Instagram stories as pins!

12 brands on Pinterest inspire your marketing strategy

Draw more eyes on your pins and give your social strategy a big boost by tapping video pins like Fenty!

Brands on Pinterest # 6: Etsy for Good Pinterest Board Variety

As you can imagine, ecommerce website Etsy has a variety of Pinterest board themes that work to their advantage!

When you design your Pinterest boards, you want to create them on purpose, and diversity is key.

Etsy has excellent examples of strategic board names that focus on popular keywords such as:DIY projects, ""Etsy weddings," and "Living room decor. ”

You will also find that they have added board descriptions – these snippets also help with search engine optimization!

Etsy on Pinterest

Brands on Pinterest # 7: Chick-Fil-A for tutorials and instructions

The fans of the fast food chain Chick Fil-A They don't just like the food, they love the food. That's why Chick-fil-A decided to add their beloved recipes to Pinterest through eye-catching graphics and videos!

12 brands on Pinterest that you can be inspired by

By giving out the details of their – good – dishes, they managed to motivate their Pinterest audience well while attracting new followers and profile visitors.

If you and your brand have a recipe, process, tutorial, or tutorial that you can share, you can pin storable graphics like Chick-fil-A and increase your brand awareness!

Brands on Pinterest # 8: HonestlyWTF for eye-catching text overlays

Speaking of pin-worthy graphics, pins with Text overlays are particularly useful for Pinterest!

Lifestyle brand Honestly WTF Keeps the text overlay copy short for readability on mobile devices. Their overlays help their pins stand out, add context, and improve the overall message!

Honestly WTF

For example, if you have a text overlay on your cover page, the text can arouse curiosity and cause scrolling to click!

PRO TIP !: You don't have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful graphics! There are so many apps that everyone can use Canva, over, and Adobe Spark.

Short time? Use Later's text editor to add text to your pins as you plan – there are over 10 different fonts and several formatting options to choose from!

Create a seamless workflow for your company by editing your images with "Later" all paid plansfrom just $ 9 / month!

Brands on Pinterest # 9: Airbnb to optimize the description and profile setting

Like many other examples in this article, Airbnb did an A ++ job Set up your Pinterest account!

Once you have created your account a Pinterest business accountthey were able to claim their website (shown to the left of their biography) and tell Pinterest that they are an authentic and active user, which contributes to their overall ranking and findability!

12 brands on Pinterest inspire your marketing strategy

They also used the first sentence in their biography to explain who they are and what type of content they publish, using strategic keywords that Pinterest users may be looking for. Also note the inclusion of hashtags:

12 brands on Pinterest inspire your marketing strategy

For complete instructions on creating a fantastic Pinterest profile, check out our blog post How to Create a Winner Pinterest Profile!

Brands on Pinterest # 10: Free people to promote campaigns

Free People does a great job promoting their “FP Movement” on all social media, including Pinterest!

In addition to creating pins that go straight to the landing page for a range of leggings, they prioritize engagement by posting graphics that reference articles that explain how to use devices and how to perform exercise routines (while using the leggings become!).

With a catchy graphic and a title like "Six workouts that can be done with resistance bands", they make their pin so much more clickable:

If you want to give your audience more context about your products, follow the steps of Free People with articles that you promote across Pinterest!

Brands on Pinterest # 11: hustle and bustle for clickable pin titles

With more than 84 million monthly readers, this is not a surprising media group Hustle and bustle turns to Pinterest to direct traffic to their articles!

For cross-promotional items on the platform, use the article title provided to set up the pin title. Since your articles are often lists, add specific numbers so that the other keywords appear in their titles:

Even if you don't publish articles, you can use this technique! Explain what your pin has to offer in your pin titles as thoroughly as possible, and even enter a number if you can when you link a list or graphic to some elements.

PRO TIP: You have 100 characters for your pin title, but it's usually the first 30 that appear in the Smart Feed – so be choosy!

Brands on Pinterest # 12: The container store for subtle branding

If you want to clean up your Pinterest marketing, you've come to the right place The container store!

With almost every pin they publish, they thrive in the art of subtle branding and never miss the opportunity to add a little blue logo to their images:

Add your logo to your pins whenever you like The Container Store to make your brand so much more recognizable!

Although there are so many great brands to study on Pinterest, we hope you learned from each of these 12 to improve your own Pinterest marketing strategy!

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