In March 2015, I received an invitation to guest post on blogging tips.

I devoured it. Although I feared the opportunity because I feared I would be criticized, ignored, and waste my time here.

1200 guest posts later in August 2020 I'm still going strong. I actually took a few months off guest posting at BT after dating two guests. I only published 2 guest posts in the first year. But for some reason I remember writing and posting this post immediately after leaving the remote Costa Rican jungle:

Take these 4 blogging tips to heart

After I wrote and published this post, I became a little clearer. After that, slowly but surely, I began to write regular guest posts.

Guys; When you're less interested in numbers but enjoy helping people, the numbers grow. But if you care deeply about numbers and don't care much about helping people, the numbers don't grow. This applies to traffic, profits, guest posts published, blog posts published, or anything that is online. Few blogs for fun though. Most blogs for money. Is it any wonder that so few bloggers post 1200 guest posts, let alone a single blog, during their blogging careers?

I'm not posting this guest post to put myself in the spotlight, but to help you understand how to be productive. If I can blog 1200 guest posts, imagine what you can do with your blogging career if you blog mainly for fun and let the results take care of themselves? Get involved in helping people freely. Promote yourself too; Nowadays, I link to at least one of my eBooks through practically all guest posts. Please help. Solve common problems in your niche. Develop long-term relationships with readers by choosing to regularly guest post to a collection of blogs in your niche instead of guest posting to 10,000 blogs. Share the wealth but stick to it to become familiar to readers. Build bonds for greater success because to become a pro you need to make strong friends with fellow bloggers and readers.

Most importantly, devour ways to help people through guest posting. Far too many bloggers shy away from guest posting – as I almost did when I was asked to guest blog on this blog in 2015 – and are struggling to gain a foothold online. Seize the moment. Help people free. When someone offers you publishing rights, publish a large number of helpful, useful guest posts that are targeted at your ideal reader.

When bloggers invite you to guest post and encourage you to guest post whenever you want to guest post, take them at their word. Do not be shy. Don't be afraid of too many guest posts. I even posted a guest several times a day before being told to rule them a little on blogging tips. I had too much fun helping people. I got a little slower. But for years I have posted guest posts on this rocking blog almost every day because, given the free reign, I like to take and use this opportunity to help you and to help me.

That is successful blogging in a nutshell. Have fun helping. Fall in love with serving readers and worry little about stats, metrics and all that jazz. The numbers you get seem staggering to most people. But to you, everything feels like a bonus, an extra, or an icing on the cake.


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