In 2007, 25% of all queries that searchers entered into the Google search box were never seen by Google. That number changed to 15% in 2013 and, according to Google, has stayed that way to this day.

Google confirmed the 15% figure in 2017 and 2018 and now again in 2020.

Google's Danny Sullivan confirmed this on Twitter, saying, "This statistic is still accurate, so we keep quoting it." At this point he was asked, "Has anyone had a recent" confirmation "of the 15% new daily search stats?

Here's Danny's tweet:

This status is still correct. So we keep quoting it.

– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 27, 2020

I wouldn't be surprised if new searches haven't been searched since this pandemic, but how much that number may have changed no one can guess. It would be great to hear from Google if that number has changed. If someone on Google can look up the number for 2020 compared to previous years, that would be cool.

I asked:

You would think stat stop and look for a bit with COVID, but I understand that you can't dive into these numbers every other day

– Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) August 27, 2020

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