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The corona virus pandemic has eliminated tens of millions of jobs. If you are now looking for work – or are simply considering a new direction – there are currently 15 careers in particular demand, according to the job site.

Indeed, careers on the list are expected to have the highest growth rates over the next five years.

As a matter of fact:

“Careers that are in demand are options that offer long-term growth and contain a large number of vacancies. Sectors with sought-after careers try to fill positions with qualified candidates who have certain skills and abilities, and many of these sought-after jobs are ready to offer certain advantages to promote longevity. "

The 15 best occupational fields – sorted according to the average national salary – are:

  • Software developer: $ 105,090 per year
  • Statistician: $ 83,291
  • Information security analyst: $ 81,555
  • Physiotherapist: $ 74,672
  • Healthcare Administrator: $ 70,147
  • Web developer: $ 72,040
  • Registered nurse: $ 70,366
  • Financial Advisor: $ 66,083
  • Operations Research analyst: $ 61,457
  • Medical Technician: $ 56,368
  • Truck drivers: $ 57,616
  • Physiotherapy Assistant: $ 33,238
  • Construction worker: $ 31,616
  • Nursing Assistant: $ 28,454
  • Maid service: $ 11.98 per hour

Indeed, it is pointed out that these jobs set the tone – from those that require little more than a high school degree to others that may require an advanced degree to get in the door.

Find jobs in difficult times

Indeed, the list arrived on time. As we recently reported, layoffs related to the coronavirus have hit older workers particularly hard. For more information, see “10 jobs where older workers are the most affected by corona virus layoffs”.

If the jobs on Indeed's list don't appeal to you, don't fret. You will find further growing occupational fields in our history "10 in demand jobs in the coronavirus economy and beyond".

If you're just looking for a little more work to make ends meet, visit Money Talks News Solutions Center. There you will find “107 easy ways to earn extra money every month”.

You can find more information on the current job advertisement at:

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