If you're looking to add new content creating tools to your kit list, you've come to the right place!

Even with a busy schedule, you can create beautiful, consistent content while saving time and money – and the right tools make it easy.

Are you ready to take your content skills to the next level? Here are 16 budget-friendly tools for Instagram content creators:


    1. Recording devices
    2. Phone accessories
    3. Edit apps
    4. Social media management
    5. Graphic design
  • Content Creation Tools Part 1: Recording Devices

    When shooting footage specifically for Instagram, a few simple tools can produce impressive results.

    As you create higher quality video and audio content, you may see increases in your viewing rates and engagement.

    Here is a list of some of our favorite recording devices to make your content stand out:

    # 1: ring light

    If you need help controlling your home lighting, a ring light tripod combination can do the trick.

    Not only does this help you create a bright aesthetic, but it also allows you to use hands-free calling to create more engaging Instagram stories (or even your next TikTok dance routine).

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    Many ring light stands even offer options to dim the light to control the warmth or coolness of your shot, as well as a remote clicker for seamless content control.

    # 2: softbox lighting set

    A Softbox lighting set is a must for video or product photography. Most kits contain two softbox lights that instantly transform any room into a professional studio.

    Get a soft, diffused light by placing a light box on each side of the object or person you are photographing. They are especially useful for recording content on dark and gloomy days.

    TIP: Choose a neutral daylight lamp to avoid giving your photos or videos an undesirable hue.

    # 3: backgrounds

    Wish you had marble tops or colorful wall tiles in your home? Don't worry – you can fake it easily!

    All you need is a bit of specialty paper, just like we did in our IGTV series: Screen Time with Later.

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    From Vinyl photography backgrounds In a rainbow of colors on a simple whiteboard (think back to your school project days), you can create clean and interesting displays for your flatlays or portraits.

    # 4: Flexible tripod

    You are probably already familiar with the handiness of tripods when taking photos. However, if you regularly take flatlays and product photographs, you can find one MACC stand (Multi-Angle Center Column) can take your styled shots to the next level.

    By simply converting to different angles, this tripod offers a greater range of motion and stabilizes your camera at the same time.

    Say goodbye to uncomfortable squats and back pain by bending over – this tripod is the hands-free answer to every shot.

    # 5: microphone

    A microphone Not only is this a good investment for podcasters, there are plenty of reasons why content creators should add one to their toolkit, too.

    If you're recording tutorials, narrating video content, or even guesting on someone else's podcast, having a good quality microphone can often save the day – especially in environments where sound is challenging.

    Open a later account today to schedule your Instagram posts in advance and post them automatically!

    Content Creation Tools Part 2: Phone Accessories

    No room for bulky equipment in your tool kit? There are numerous phone accessories that you can use to improve your content creation even further without taking up too much space.

    Here are some of our most popular phone accessories for professional-looking video content that are both light and easy to use:

    # 6: a pen

    If drawing with your finger on Instagram Stories no longer works, a pen is an easy way to increase your precision.

    TIP: Choose a universal touchscreen pen that you can use on a wide variety of devices.

    With the power of a proper pen tip, you can add creative flair to your stories with a pen for a more elegant look.

    # 7: smartphone camera lenses

    Although smartphone cameras have come a long way, there are still some restrictions on what you can record with your phone. Here is a Smartphone camera lens kit come inside!

    From fisheye views to macro views, you can transform your phone camera with a simple lens clip that takes seconds to install on your phone.

    Plus, you don't have to carry a bulky SLR lens with you if you want to capture fast content on the fly!

    # 8: selfie ring light clip

    Another clip that is popular with both influencers and content creators is a Selfie ring light clip.

    Simply clip it onto your mobile phone and voilร  – you have perfect lighting! This is an especially useful on-the-go hack that will give you a nice shine even on the darkest of days.

    Content Creation Tools Part 3: Editing Apps

    Editing apps is a content creator's best friend. From creating animated Instagram stories fast as lightning One click photo editsUsually there is an app that can help you excite your audience without much work.

    Here's a round-up of some of our favorite photo and video editing apps:

    # 9: Lumafusion and Mojo for Video

    With video content growing in popularity on Instagram, it is important to have some video editing apps for creating content.

    Here at Later we have two favorites that we use a lot for our social accounts: Lumafusion and Mojo.

    Lumafusion has the standard trim, speed, dimensions, and audio that come in handy for splicing clips and cleaning up audio. But where it really shines is its ability to layer photos, video, and audio in the same frame to create really compelling video content for your next IGTV or reel.

    When it comes to Instagram Stories, Mojo is a popular app for creating beautiful animated videos with dynamic text options and unique visual templates that are guaranteed to get users to pause their scroll and ask, "How do you do this?"

    # 10: LightRoom, Tezza, and a color story for photography

    Often times, when creating content, you need to improve your photography skills and develop an editing process.

    The best part is that you don't have to spend hours thinking about individual changes. LightRoom presets can make it easy to batch edit multiple photos at once while keeping your aesthetic consistent.

    If you prefer apps for your photos for phones only, Tezza This will make your photos feel warm and organic. If you prefer, prefer something a little brighter and more colorful, A color story by A Beautiful Mess has tons of filtering options created by various content creators.

    TIP: Once you've found a filter or preset you love, stick with it! This will help you create a cohesive and consistent aesthetic.

    # 11: audiograms for podcasts

    Audiograms have become an increasingly popular way of promoting podcasts on social media platforms. An audiogram is a graph that records sound frequencies in real time and is often paired with a dynamic image of the person speaking with subtitles.

    One app that simplifies the creation of audiograms is Wavve.co. Once you've created an account, you can easily create an audiogram by uploading an image, your favorite audio clip, and pairing it with a pre-made visual frequency element.

    These types of posts tend to be very powerful and are a great way to use your audio content in a more visual way.

    Content Creation Tools Part 4: Social Media Management

    As a content creator, you are often expected to juggle many hats at once: photographer, creative director, social media manager, and more.

    Keeping track of all of these tasks can be very hard work, but luckily, there are some useful tools that can make life easier:

    # 12: later

    In case you didn't know, social media content and planning is our thing.

    Later is the leading Instagram marketing tool and a great tool to easily plan, schedule and automatically publish your content.

    Designed to streamline your workflow and help you create a stunning Instagram aesthetic with ours Visual planner, Later you will receive everything from one source.

    You can also analyze all of your hard work Later integrated analysis to improve your content creation strategy month after month.

    Sign up for a free future account today to preview your feed before you post. This is the best way to curate a gorgeous Instagram aesthetic!

    # 13: stock resources

    When you're short on time or working on a tight marketing budget, beautiful, high quality stocks can be the perfect way to save time and effort without sacrificing results.

    Unsplash has a growing library of over 2 million images – and all of them are completely free!

    ICYMI:: Unsplash is now fully integrated in Later! That's right, you can access Unsplash's entire photo library when planning with Later to make planning even easier.

    For background music, MixKit offers a variety of songs and clips that you can use for b-roll content or add personality to your Instagram videos.

    Also, don't be afraid to get creative with your stock wealth. Customize them to match your branding – for example, use them as a background for a quote post with your branding colors and fonts.

    If you're on a budget for photos, then you can give it a try Shamblen Studios for bold, stylized photos. If you want to add richer and more diverse content, check this out Tonl.co.

    Content Creation Tools Part 5: Graphic Design

    Content creators typically wear a lot of hats, and graphic design is often one of the most worn. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there that make it easy to get professional results that are extremely affordable.

    Here are three graphic design websites we love for creative content:

    # 14: creative market

    With millions of different fonts, graphics, photos and templates, you can really bring your creative concept to life with Creative Market.

    Independent developers from around the world contribute to the website. Hence, there are tons of unique and high quality options that you can use to make your Instagram content shine.

    # 15: Canva

    Known for its simple, drag-and-drop design style, Canva is a popular choice for all types of creatives, but especially social media managers.

    You can use the pre-made templates for Instagram or even spice it up for your next monthly social media presentations or reports.

    With a Canva Pro account, you can also upload your branded fonts and colors to make creating branded graphics a breeze! If you regularly create professional-level content, this upgrade is worth it.

    # 16: projector

    projector is another amazing resource for content creators. With an emphasis on modern, on-trend design styles, you can create uniquely engaging videos, GIFS, and social media posts that stand out from the crowd.

    And the best part about it? It's completely free and doesn't require any design knowledge. Just update the colors and text to reflect your brand message.

    Now that your content creation toolkit is filled with affordable resources, you can start creating Instagram content that will attract new followers and keep your current ones too.

    Are you ready to start your content creation strategy? Schedule and schedule your Instagram posts in advance with Later – it's free!

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