5 reasons why PreVeil's GCC High Alternative is better for DoD contractors

5 reasons why PreVeil's GCC High Alternative is better for DoD contractors

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All Department of Defense contractors must ensure that they comply with government security guidelines. One of the most important aspects that defense companies must adhere to is the new CMMC model.

Compliance with the new CMMC regulations

The CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) is a uniform standard for the generally secure implementation of cybersecurity. While in the past contractors were responsible for implementing, monitoring, and certifying the security of their IT in accordance with NIST SP 800-171 guidelines, contractors are now required to conduct third-party assessments to ensure compliance with the CMMC.

What does this mean for a DoD contractor? Simply that you need the right help at your side. It is advisable to work with a CMMC compliance consultant to ensure that you are properly tracking the program.

You'll also need to use a decent security service, and while GCC High has long been a favorite, PreVeil is a strong and much cheaper competitor. Here's why PreVeil's solution is a beneficial alternative to GCC High for DoD contractors:

1. Low implementation costs

One of the main problems with GCC High is that implementation and hosting costs are very high. With PreVeil, these processes are much cheaper, so your company can use many of GCC High's advanced compliance functions without high rollout costs.

In fact, PreVeil is 70% cheaper than Microsoft's GCC High, mostly because it can be deployed in a matter of hours and not six months. This faster rollout can save your company a lot of money in advance.

2. Advanced encryption

We all know how important encryption is for data security. You need a way to keep sensitive data at bay, and encryption is the first step.

PreVeil offers a cloud-based encryption service with end-to-end encryption that enables DoD contractors to access their IT off-site while maintaining best practices for cybersecurity. PreVeil also complies with the nine NSA guidelines for secure collaboration and gives you more security that your data is well protected.

3. Great compatibility

One of the problems you can have with options like GCC High is that it can be difficult to be compatible with many of the existing apps that you may need to use and use in your company on a daily basis.

However, PreVeil offers excellent compatibility with existing apps such as Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook and others, so that integration into your existing software and programs is easy and inexpensive. Since the system stores data on secure servers, local risks can also be avoided.

4. Extended cloud storage

PreVeil offers a number of advantages that increase efficiency. You probably just need to share data in as many places as possible, and the right software to help you do it is essential.

With PreVeil, you have an advanced cloud storage feature that helps you do just that. Users can securely access and share documents with the PreVeil drive. In addition, the security of this service outperforms many other competitors, especially Google Drive and DropBox, as it allows you to set your own encryption and decryption controls.

5. Seamless integration

With protection that goes far beyond passwords, the Prevail solution can be easily integrated into existing systems. In addition, in combination with compliance services for NIST 800-171 / DFARS, FISMA and GDPR, it offers comprehensive data security to ensure that compliance is part of the integration of PreVeil. And all at a much lower cost than the alternatives, especially GCC High.

As you can see, there is a lot to love in PreVeil. If you hope to comply with CMMC and DFARS regulations but want to keep your costs down and your time management strong, PreVeil is the way to go. It protects the data without the disadvantages associated with GCC High.


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