It's no longer as easy as before to gain more Instagram followers. But did you know that Pinterest grows best on Instagram?

Because of its link friendliness, Pinterest is a fantastic channel for increasing referral traffic, which can lead to serious Instagram engagement and more followers.

Ready to tack? Here are 5 great ways to expand your Instagram with Pinterest:

Expand your Instagram with Pinterest # 1: Request your Instagram account on Pinterest

Request your Instagram account There are many advantages to Pinterest – you get access to more robust ones Pinterest Analytics (including data for every action performed on your pins across Pinterest) and mapping to all pins that come from Instagram.

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

But it can also drive more traffic to your Instagram account!

Similar to a claimed websiteOnce you claim your Instagram account, your Pinterest profile will appear on all pins created from your Instagram content.

Basically, this means that you or someone else creates a PIN with content from your claimed Instagram account. Your profile picture and a "Follow" button are displayed above this PIN:

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

This is a great way to attract more monthly viewers to your Pinterest profile and clicks on your Instagram profile.

Since Instagram posts have a relatively short lifespan, you can get more traffic and engagement for your Instagram content over a longer period of time by claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest and then pinning your Instagram posts.

For example, if you run a travel account on Instagram and pin your Instagram content to travel boards on Pinterest, these pins may be stored on other users' boards and distributed to Pinterest.

From here, more and more people will see it and click through to your Instagram account, which could lead to more followers and engagement on Instagram.

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

You can plan, schedule and automatically publish your Pinterest content with Later! And the best news? It's free!

Extend your Instagram with Pinterest # 2: Publish first to Instagram and then to Pinterest

If you want to expand your Instagram account, you should publish your content on Instagram first.

Then pin it to your relevant boards on Pinterest – this ensures that you get the correct assignment.

To do this, log into your Instagram account on your desktop, navigate to your Instagram profile and open a specific image to get the URL of the post. This is the link you will attach to your Pinterest board.

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

Once you've curated a beautiful board with your Instagram posts, your Pinterest referral traffic will increase!

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

One of the biggest keys to success on Pinterest is quality over quantity. Post your best and most relevant Instagram content on your Pinterest boards.

Recipes, infographics and graphics with text overlays are usually very good on Pinterest. So if you have one Multi-image post on InstagramConsider creating a Pinterest-optimized graphic of all photos together in one image.

You can then pin the image to your board, but create a link to your original Instagram post for more context in your Instagram caption. How to get fantastic custom content that works for both platforms.

Want to learn more about the wonders of your brand's growth on Pinterest? We go to the details in our Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing!

Expand Your Instagram With Pinterest # 3: Let SEO Be Your Friend

Pinterest can be an SEO machine when used properly – in fact, Pinterest is essentially a kind of visual search engine!

How can you benefit from it? Pinterest SEO?

The trick is to add relevant keywords on Pinterest that are specific to your company and tailored to what your target audience is looking for. In the same way, you create content that is optimized for relevant keywords in your blog or website.

There are several places where you can insert SEO keywords, but one of the most important ones is your pin title. Your keywords here should cover as many basics as possible so that your pins get into the search results of your target group.

In addition to relevant search hashtags, you should also include keywords in your pin descriptions.

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

And although there is no hard and fast rule, high traffic pins typically contain between 5 and 10 keywords and 3 to 5 hashtags.

See how Later captures multiple keywords in our pin descriptions and provides viewers with a clear and informative description.

This way, traffic to your Pinterest profile, boards and pins can skyrocket! If you have adopted our last point on fixing your Instagram content on Pinterest, this can lead to a large number of clicks on your Instagram account.

Extend your Instagram with Pinterest # 4: Publish your IGTV videos on Pinterest

Another strategy for expanding your Instagram using Pinterest is to publish your Instagram IGTV videos on Pinterest!

It's no secret that videos on Pinterest do really well – they actually did 6 times as many video views on Pinterest in 2019 than in 2018!

The reason for their success is that brands and companies with video pins can do so much more on the platform. From authentic storytelling and product demos to tutorials and recipes – the possibilities are endless!

With this added value, users are more likely to store video pins on one of their boards so others can see and share them.

A great way to benefit from all of this while increasing traffic and interest in your Instagram account is to use your IGTV videos for Pinterest.

Not only is this super easy, it's also a great way to get more out of all your amazing video content!

Keep in mind that Pinterest videos have a maximum length of 15 minutes. Depending on how long your IGTV videos are, you may need to trim them.

Check out Help from Pinterest for a full breakdown of video creative specs.

Expand your Instagram with Pinterest # 5: share your Instagram stories as pins

Did you know that you can reuse your Instagram Stories content for Pinterest by sharing it as a pin?

We did a lot with that Later Pinterest account with really great results.

Here's how:

Unlike Facebook stories, there is no way to automatically post from Instagram to Pinterest. So you need to get a little creative.

First, go to your Instagram stories and tap the omission button in the lower right corner.

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

Then tap Save …

How to expand your Instagram account with Pinterest

Here you have the option to download this individual story or all of your stories as an MP4 file.

Note that interactive elements in your Instagram stories, such as stickers or swipe-up CTAs, are not "clickable" on Pinterest.

If you have not yet included something like this, you can still share it on Pinterest. In this case, however, it's a good idea to edit your video to remove it.

Finally, just upload your story to Pinterest as usual!

Add Instagram stories as pins

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most visual social media platforms on the market. When used together, they can help you strengthen the personality of your brand and build deeper connections with your followers.

But remember: don't just collect fans and followers! If you really want to expand your Instagram with Pinterest, you need to engage with your audience. Give them a reason to follow you by creating unique and helpful content.

Do not forget! Later allows you to schedule your Instagram and Pinterest content for free and automatically!

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