5 local marketing strategies to combine with social media

5 local marketing strategies to combine with social media

Local marketing is a must for businesses that serve a particular community. Without local marketing tactics, local businesses can find it difficult to gain a competitive advantage. Local marketing often combines a variety of online and offline strategies. In today's digital business environment, however, the stronger your company's digital presence, the better.

Hence, combining local marketing strategies with social media is a must for location based businesses. Why? Many local consumers turn to social media to find local businesses.

"Using social media channels to drive consumers to a company's local landing page is a recipe for marketing success," said John Bertino, CEO of The Agency Guy, of local landing pages. “Social media gives businesses direct access to mobile users, and 80 percent of location-based mobile searches result in a purchase. Give consumers a place to land. "

How can you make local marketing and social media a winning combination for your business? The following can come in handy. So let's dive right in!

1. Strengthening community engagement

Community engagement for your local business can be a huge asset in generating more customers. What better way to drive more engagement than combining marketing strategies with social media?

What does that mean exactly? First, you'll need a social media page, preferably Facebook, as many local communities use Facebook to find out what's going on in the city.

Next, you have a community appreciation event that you can post on Facebook a few weeks before the event. And often post about the event. Create a local landing page for the event on your website where social media users can get more event information.

2. Use Google My Business

Google My Business is a local marketing strategy that aligns with social media. A lot of business owners don't realize that their Google My Business pages can be used in the same way as social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

First, set up your local business listing via Google My Business. This is actually pretty easy and only takes an hour. Make sure to optimize your local Google listing by providing business address, phone number, hours of operation, a detailed business description, pictures, and more.

Then post to Google My Business daily and share unique stories, business discounts, events and more. These posts will show up in Google searches for certain things.

3. Make SEO a priority to build business awareness online

When it comes to local marketing strategies, making your business easier for online users to find in the local community is a must. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was once a strategy in its own right, but in today's digital world, SEO and marketing go hand in hand.

Make sure your website is optimized for local search and link your local landing pages to your company's social media pages. And link your social media pages to your local landing pages. This creates an online presence web that the community can use to find your business online.

4. Partnership with other local businesses

Partnering with other local businesses is critical to growing your business and maintaining its success. How does it work without a lot of legwork? Social media. Follow other local businesses on social media and ask them to follow your business.

And go a step further and share about other local businesses and the events they are having. When the local grocery store has a sale and posts it on social media. Share the event on your social media to cultivate the local business relationship. You will most likely start by posting your social media content in exchange.

5. Build a robust list of reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials mean a lot to consumers. This corresponds to the advertising of influencers for your company, your products and / or services. Encourage customers to leave a review and testimonial for your business on social media and your local Google listing.

The more great reviews, the more trust other community members have to visit your business and buy from you. The only thing you have to do is make sure you are providing exceptional customer service. If not, this local social media marketing strategy can backfire.

Finally . . .

Local marketing strategies don't have to be the norm for cut and dryness. Yes, traditional marketing strategies like email marketing and local guerrilla marketing work. However, we live in a digital age where social media is everything.

By combining your local marketing strategies with social media, you will increase your company's ability to reach more people, leading to more sales. How do you use social media to grow your local business?


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