Are you frustrated with all the junk on the internet? From depressing headlines to content just created to clutter the waves of air, it can be easy to feel sad.

However, it's not hard to create your own feed to display some of the best Instagram profiles for daily inspiration. Change what you see every day with these inspiring reports full of joy and motivation for daily life.

1. History buffs

If you're into history and Googled things like "That Day in History," check out @historycoolkids on Instagram. They publish something new every day about a dark moment in history, with backstories and information you won't learn in history books.

For inspiring and insightful historical content, this is the best Instagram to check out!

2. Best Instagram Profiles for Moms

The first time you have a new baby, you are often overwhelmed. Jessica Ashcroft (@jessica_ashcroft), one of the top Instagram influencers, helps with this. She is the best Instagram profile for finding out if you are a first time mom or a seasoned mom with tips and suggestions for daily life.

She publishes all kinds of mom-themed content you'll love, from cooking and recipes (plus a new kitchen blog that you can follow up at @ashcroftfamilytable) to baby names. Jessica does everything while raising three children.

3. Artists are happy

Jonna Jinton, a Swedish artist who lives in a rustic cabin in the wilderness, publishes photos, art and jewelry that she makes with her husband Johan. You can follow them at @jonnajintonsweden or @jonnajinton. If you want to see more of her ethereal art then her account @jonnajintonart is the best.

Jonna and Johan capture the majestic landscape of Sweden in videos and photos and she is also a musician. Kulning is a high-pitched chant or shout, an ancient art used to call out cattle and communicate over long distances. Jonna's YouTube channel shares her musical art.

4. Workout fans

If you need inspiration on getting into your workout gear and moving your body, some Instagrammers can help you out. Find that motivation with @thebodycoach Joe Wicks from the UK. He is a kind family man who is also very fit and his workouts will help you stay healthy and strong.

You can also find encouragement and motivation from Pretty Muscles creator, @erinoprea. She is a trainer for stars like Carrie Underwood and Lauren Alaina. She's realistic too – Erin's Instagram couch workouts are just as popular as the others.

5. Happy every day

If you want something that is completely self-promotion free, try this source of sheer joy: @goodnews_movement. This Instagram account is telling stories every day about people who are kind and helpful, and good people in general.

Follow the good news movement to get real heart pressure. We all need smiles and good news in a world of heartbreak and headlines, and they have it all covered.

Your own corner of the internet

By following the best Instagram profiles, you will create your own beautiful corner on the internet. Customize your feed to only show the most encouraging accounts like above.

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