Over 5 billion Google searches are submitted every day. This huge number shows how important Google is when it comes to how people interact with the World Wide Web.

In order to get into the good sides of Google and achieve your online content interface as a top result, you should be familiar with SEO.

SEO stands for the uninitiated for search engine optimization. It's a collection of techniques used by content creators and webmasters to get Google's attention.

In this post, our team looks at AI SEO, influencer SEO, and other trends that are gaining momentum in the search engine market. With this information, you can better customize your content and get a higher return on your marketing investment.

Read on to understand what to look forward to in the world of search engine optimization in 2021!

1. AI will have better service needs

AI SEO is not a new concept. Search engines are essentially collections of artificial intelligence technologies that can be used to scan content and predict what is most relevant to searchers.

As of early 2021, Google and other search engines will continue to invest resources to help AI better understand the searcher's intent. This way, more relevant results can be delivered faster.

2. The way we speak makes waves

From talking to digital home assistants (e.g. Amazon Alexa) to using the assistants built into our phones (e.g. Siri), people are more likely to search the internet with their voices.

What does this mean for SEO? Mainly the keywords and phrases you target based on how people type questions can lose weight in favor of the way people verbally formulate questions.

For example, the phrase "best restaurant in New York" might have been a valuable 2020 keyword. However, as of 2021, "the best restaurant in New York City" may more closely match searches.

Voice search allows for a more natural interaction that you, as a marketer, want to discover.

3. Influencers influence SEO

Companies spend unprecedented portions of their marketing dollars on influencers. A big reason for this is that influencers influence SEO.

If you get an influencer to drive a high speed of traffic to a new product you have on a website, that speed will be noted by search engines and will not only increase the search rank of your product page, but the rank of your domain as a whole.

This perk has a long tail and is well worth the investment.

4. The video is displayed first

Today's web users prefer video to text. We'll continue to see SEO reward this reality by placing videos higher on the results pages.

Your business can capitalize on this trend by doubling your video budget and reducing other content marketing opportunities.

5. Mobile-first is becoming "less than" just mobile

Mobile web traffic has grown 222% over the past 7 years. It now makes up the majority of online browsing domestically. These amazing facts suggest that people who start developing online products that work exclusively for mobile devices are still getting great results online.

Search engines already know they can get mobile-friendly web content to the top of results. In 2021 (or a little later), engines may prefer web experiences only to mobile devices.

AI SEO, voice and other innovations are changing the way you search

The SEO strategy you live by today may very well be ineffective a year from now. The best thing you can do to avoid getting left in the dust is to keep reading up on innovations and keep turning if necessary.

For more information on AI SEO, SEO strategies, SEO trends and much more, check out the latest content on our blog.


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