5 different types of social media content to create

5 different types of social media content to create

To be successful in your social media campaign, you should
post the right content on the right platform. There are a lot of them
With platforms available, it can be confusing to understand the type of content that is being served
would work best in certain platforms. For this reason we have below the
Different types of content that you can create and post for social media

1. Written blogs or articles:

This is the most common form of social media content
With your knowledge and experience, you can write blogs or articles. Writing takes time
lots of time especially with hundreds of pieces of content talking out there
on the same topic, therefore, your content must be of the best quality and
most informative. You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook
for these types of content. A short excerpt can also be posted on

2. Videos:

The easiest way to get the user's attention is through video content.
Users prefer to watch a video rather than read content because they have less to do
Efforts. Creating a good quality video is an expensive proposition, but the range of
A video is really high. The content shouldn't be an advertisement for blindly
Your business, but it should be something informative that users find
interesting to read and understand. YouTube is the best platform to create
Content like the king of video content. You can also share the same video
on other platforms.

Visit the AvaTrade YouTube page that has
published content that talks about trading and makes it easy for users to understand
the world of commerce. This is the best example of creating video content as a
The channel does not focus on promoting itself, but on its informative content
talks about the company's integrity to customer care.

3. Sharing links to external content:

If you don't have the time to create new content, here's what to do
Always share the work of others on social media by giving them the appropriate credits.
The upside is that even if you do, you can still keep your audience engaged
haven't been working on anything new. The downside is you leave yours
The audience finds a new page that shares valuable content like you. The best
Platforms for publishing this type of content are LinkedIn and Facebook.

4. Pictures:

The audience loves to deal with image content and which is better
Platform to do this differently from Instagram? Pinterest is another popular one too
Social media platform where you can pin a picture of your website so that the
Users click on the image and land on the website. Remember that
The competition is high, so the image quality has to be really high.

5. Infographics:

Infographics use visual elements to explain a concept. That is whole
interesting, informative and popular with the audience. You must be
sound graphical in order to create such content. It can be shared on both
Facebook and LinkedIn to reach your audience.

Build a successful social media presence today!

Implementing these content strategies will ensure that this is difficult
The work you put into creating the content is paying off. How you get involved
Social media, you will learn more and more over time what kind of content that is
Feedback from the audience of a particular platform. Trial and error is to be done
The best way to learn what works for your content type.


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