As we reported yesterday, the Google Virtual Webmaster Unconference was sold out within hours of its announcement. Google cleared up a few more spots yesterday morning, but they were filled very quickly.

Google's Martin Splitt said there are now 500 people on the waiting list for this event.

500 people on the waiting list and interactive sessions don't scale well. If things go well there will be more of them.

– 🌞 Splitti is on vacation 🌞 (@ g33konaut) August 13, 2020

I mean if you followed me on twitter you would have been notified to act fast and get the places that have opened:

Registration for the Google Virtual Webmaster Conference is now available again. Register now before it's too late. Https://

– Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) August 12, 2020

It looks like Google is running out of space.

The nature of this particular event is that this is a live interactive dialogue between Googlers and the attendees. So if thousands of people tried to speak at the same time, it wouldn't do well, especially with online meeting software. So Google had to limit it.

It is an interactive event that all attendees should attend. It's not a 1: Infinity live stream. To make this possible we need to limit the number of people in individual sessions.

– 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) August 13, 2020

I wonder how many people are allowed per session. I guess a maximum of 50, but we'll see.

I suspect it will be a bit like John's Hangouts, but more focused on specific topics per session.

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