The BuzzSumo Trend tool This option allows you to highlight the content in each country that has the most appeal in the social arena based on a "trending score"; H. the speed of content binding. You can create a custom feed all about Halloween and check in regularly to discover the latest stories that are grabbing attention.

Looking at these insights as you prepare your content each year can provide pointers to the types of stories or topics to focus on. In the example above, these appear to be dogs in costumes (fun fact: according to our new content engagement research, dog-related content is more likely than any other content type to encourage likes, comments, and approvals), celebrity-inspired costumes, Halloween-inspired TV shows and coverage of experimental Halloween events.

Create your Halloween content with BuzzSumo

So there you have it. Six easy ways to create fresh and unique Halloween content.

Building such a repetitive seasonal strategy can help you tap into significant demand and can be a great opportunity for brand awareness.

Use BuzzSumo to reveal the Halloween content your audience wants and enjoy an influx of traffic and engagement year after year.

Are you ready to create awfully clickable content? Start your free 30-day trial of BuzzSumo today to stay up to date on all the seasonal trends.


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