June 2, 2020


Brandon Perlman


Sixty days later, the world continues to adapt to the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brands and consumers around the world have continuously changed their daily habits to adapt to the "new normal" of protection as the country finds out exactly how it will intervene.

When the quarantine began in mid-March, the social studies team immediately began to monitor how brands responded to and communicated with their loyal following. They noticed everything from ignoring the state of the world and wishful thinking to purpose-built content that respected the severity of the realities of the pandemic.

Brands are developing their mindset from initial reaction strategies to strategic marketing that appeals to an audience that is keen to get involved. These campaigns have begun to increase their dependence on influential voices for partnerships that promote new routines rooted in self-care and joy to public service announcements for the common good.

Look at the full range of social studies analyzed in the past eight weeks:

๐Ÿ”Ž Analysis of social contributions from +3,000 influencers that were analyzed using the proprietary technology of social studies

Februar February 1 – Today

4 +4,000 sponsored contributions

๐Ÿงช Submissions are divided into 22 different vertical categories depending on the brand sponsor

๐Ÿ•‘ Analysis of the current biweekly period versus the previous biweekly period

What you will learn from this report:

  • How brands are changing the way they talk to their existing audience and attract new fans
  • Winning content topics for brands + influencers
  • How the influencer + social space will change after COVID-19


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