7 mistakes you should avoid in social media marketing

7 mistakes you should avoid in social media marketing

What can be better in this digital age than a social media strategy for marketing a company? Brands can get close to their customers through this channel by providing a platform for questions, complaints and feedback about their products and services. Not only brands, but also newcomers to e-commerce use this fruitful marketing program.

But it is not that simple. Even the smallest marketing mistake on social media can significantly affect a brand's reputation. Or you can rob them of the cheap results. To prevent this, avoid these seven mistakes most marketers make on social networks:

Don't plan the strategy

A serious mistake when placing advertising on social networks is not planning a strategy for digital marketing. First, you need to define your ideal customer based on the product or service you offer and determine which social networks best suit your company.

Then set the goals you want to achieve and set time limits to achieve those goals. Find out which strategies are best for your business. Not doing this is one of the most common social media mistakes made by companies.

To believe that many “likes” are the same as many customers

A recurring problem with small business owners is their obsession with investing in advertising to increase their company's social media followers. Although it is valid to try that our companies' social networks have enough followers; This shouldn't be the main goal when investing in advertising.

Experts recommend that investing in likes or followers is only worthwhile if it is a newly created page. This recommendation is based on the fact that, on many occasions, consumers rate a company based on the number of its followers. It is also a factor that even creates trust.

So we have to try to have a significant number of followers without thinking about this point. Apart from that, it is recommended that you publish consistent content that only relates to your product or service. Avoid attracting followers who are not interested in your brand niche.

Many followers or many “likes” do not guarantee that your company will progress. Analyze which users are following you, what they need, what they want, how they got to know you and what you can offer them.

Frequently changing platforms

If you want to invest in advertising on your social networks, keep in mind that your social profiles have more traffic. Therefore, it is very discouraging to enter a social network whose latest posts are very old. Experts strongly recommend avoiding them Online marketing mistakes.

It is important not to neglect the networks and to publish content regularly, for example once a day on Facebook and Instagram. It is preferable to use only two platforms, but keep them up to date, as opening accounts in many networks that can no longer be served adequately later.

Avoid interactions with customers

Another social media mistake that many companies make is the lack of interaction with users. Remember, if you have advertised, you will have more movement in your networks. If you receive a comment or question, take the time to answer your concerns and avoid making your followers feel ignored as much as possible.

Remember that interaction helps generate engagement and gradually build an online community around your brand.

Choose low quality media

Social networks are becoming increasingly visual, which means dedication and more effort to provide images and videos of excellent quality. Keep in mind that a well-made video or picture can affect much more than just text. So. Invest in professional photo and video editing services to promote your brand on social media.

You don't know what your target audience is

For social media advertising to be effective, it is ideal to know your target audience. Determine the profile of the people you want to attract to structure coherent and personalized content.

Here's a bonus tip at last

A social network is a bidirectional channel through which brands and consumers can interact quickly and continuously. If you insert forced or unreal content, users will recognize it and can damage your picture with bad comments. We therefore recommend that you set goals for each uploaded content and, above all, create a content calendar so that you do not need your daily inspiration.

So these are the most common social media mistakes you need to avoid when marketing your brand. To learn more, read our other blogs on social media marketing.


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