Top PR tool for influencer outreach

Working in PR is about who you know. But who is worth knowing?

Finding and building relationships with authentic influencers who generate real engagement (not just followers) can be key to spreading your content and your branding message.

At BuzzSumo, we have our own set of influencer tools that you can use to find thought leaders on Twitter and YouTube, as well as content authors on the internet.

But here's another influencer tool that our clients love to use make contact with these key voices.


If you want pure reach, Buzzstream is your first choice.

Finding influencer names and scanning websites for email addresses is often a tedious process because Buzzstream automatically fills in this information as you browse.

Yes, you heard right. Gather the authors' contact details as you search articles on the web and categorize your contacts in your Buzzstream database.

Not only does Buzzstream provide a complete overview of the conversation history, it also automatically fills in notes, tweets, emails, current author posts, and more.

It can also be integrated into BuzzSumo. So while reading the most interesting social headlines in the BuzzSumo Content Analyzer, you can just right-click and automatically import author details into Buzzstream.


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