When it comes to writing text, whether it's email, articles, or even writing an ad, headlines are the most important factor in creating great content.


Because headlines determine first whether or not Your goal will be to invest time in what you have to say.

Second, how much They will invest time and attention.

If you don't understand this correctly, the rest of your content may as well be written by a cat playing on your keyboard.

Today I'm going to share 7 simple secrets of writing like an elite writer TODAY by focusing on how to write a killer headline.

Tip 1: KISS

You've probably heard of it before, and it's very important when it comes to headline writing – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

In other words, simplify the message you want to convey and avoid confusing or unnecessary languages.

It's about getting the reader interested and showing them something “creative”. You may think that being creative is cool, but it usually doesn't get a click.

The main key in implementing the KISS strategy is: Concentrate on ONE big idea.

Do not try to put 5 different benefits / functions in your headline as this will only overwhelm the reader.

Just pick what you think is the most powerful aspect of what you're going to show them and center everything on it.

Tip 2: advantages

When you buy new shoes, do you only buy them based on the materials from which they are made?

Are you buying them because you can get 5000 more steps out of them compared to another brand?

Or do you buy them because they offer you advantages such as comfort, fashion and maybe even social status?

We don't buy things because of their properties – we buy because of the benefits that can either be pleasure-related and / or solve a problem (or help you run away from a problem …)

Most of the time, the strongest motivator is running away from pain or solving problems. So keep that in mind when writing your headline and check if you can edit it.

Tip 3: hook

I always teach people to use hooks in their headings wherever possible, because that's what makes people different great curious to read more (or even more curious about the product itself).

It is the "thing" that is supposed to draw people's attention.

For example:

  • Using & # 39; Screwed Up Paper & # 39; to stop digging dogs
  • 3 herbs that balance blood sugar
  • 3 "healthy" foods that make people fat

In each of these examples, you can see that there is a “thing” that people can use to solve their problem.

You don't have to reveal exactly what the thing in the heading is, but if you do, at least make you curious about it (e.g. why should "messed up paper" stop digging dogs? Now I have to read and find out more ..)

Tip 4: Subheading

The subheading should be clear and direct, and should greatly enhance the value of the main heading.

For example:

Headline – Using & # 39; Screwed Up Paper & # 39; to stop digging dogs
Subheading – Discover how this simple piece of paper can quickly and permanently prevent your dog from digging in just a few minutes

You don't ALWAYS need a subheading, but they can be perfect for entering some additional information that you couldn't put in the main heading …

… and they are also perfect for closing the gap between heading and content.

Tip 5: Use a heading style

There are several different types of headings that I will explain below.

If you have any ideas, just choose one of the following 4 to get the ball rolling:

Ask a question

How can you get your readers to notice better than asking them a burning question?

It's a great way to get them to sit up and pay attention while they feel that you really understand how they feel.

Use Power Words

I added a list of power words later in this article to help you get started, but I also wanted to mention it here because it is extremely effective.

Words like "warning, special, reveal, success and winning" are all positive words that evoke emotions. Scatter them in your copy and make sure you use at least one power word in your heading and subheadings.

Be controversial (if it suits your audience)

Your job is to get an answer from your reader. So, if you know your target audience and know what makes them tick (and you do better), you can avoid controversy to attract attention.

An example of this that I see all the time is when a book / series is advertised on TV and they say "Available from all good bookstores".

It's not exactly where people can find the book, but it makes them think … who are these good retailers? And who are the bad guys?

If they can't find the book in a particular store, it has to be bad … and vice versa.

Provide the "how-to" amount

How To style headings work very well, especially if they are aimed directly at a specific solution to a problem or task.

For example: "How to get your first book on the New York Times bestseller list!" is aimed at the new author who longs to become a bestseller but doesn't have a long backlist (or no backlist at all).

Be very direct and targeted with headlines!

Tip 6: The 4 Uses of Copywriting

If you've studied a lot of copywriting in the past, the term 4 U is a term you may have heard.

Let me explain what it means and how it will help you write a better copy for those who have not.

To make your headlines appealing and effective, they should include all of the following four items:

  • Your heading should give an impression of URGENCY.
  • Your headline should be UNIQUE.
  • Your headline should be USEFUL.
  • Your headline should be ULTRA-SPECIFIC (Direct).

urgency persuades people to take immediate action because they are aware that they will lose an opportunity (e.g. the shopping cart closes within 24 hours).

Including a sense of urgency in your headlines definitely helps motivate people, but be careful – you need to make sure your urgency is REAL (at least as far as the reader ever knows), otherwise you could be branded as a dishonest marketer .

Unique is an important component of a successful headline because it offers your reader something fresh and new instead of what they have seen countless times before (and are likely to stop responding to).

Customers are bombarded with sales news from multiple sources every day. So you have to work hard to get their attention with a uniquely designed headline that your readers have never seen before.

Don't be afraid to be nervous, take risks and offer your customers something else. You will notice it!

Useful There is a reason to keep reading in your headlines. Here you highlight the most important advantage of your product and convince them to read on to find out more.

This is probably the most important of the 4 U and fits perfectly with the use of the hooks mentioned earlier.

Ultra specific ensures that you are focused on your market. It guides you so that your headline effectively communicates your message to your audience and illustrates its benefits.

As I mentioned earlier, it's important to focus on one big idea, otherwise you may lose focus and attention from your readers.

Tip 7: Power Words

To help you get started, here are some important words that are often used in successful headlines and ad copies.

Most up-converting headings contain at least one of the following words:

Mystery Words: Secrets, Insider, Proven, Expert, Revealing, Unlocking, Uncovering, Announcing, Rare, Unusual, Exploring, Discovering, Exclusive, Private.

Excitement triggers: Savings, Save, Bonus, Immediate, Lifetime, Special, Unleash, Ultimate, Maximum, Exceptional, Powerful.

Urgency words: Hurry, immediately, immediately, for a limited time, temporarily, at the last minute, urgently.

Power Words: Increase, grow, be successful, accelerate, turbo charge, guaranteed, tested, profitable, trustworthy, amazing, breathtaking, phenomenal, incredible, unbelievable, incredible, sensational.

Simplify words: Simple, simple, fail-safe, child's play, effortless, child's play, easier, stress-free, easy, relaxed.

Remember, when it comes to writing great copies, practice makes perfect.

However, if you use just a few of the tips I mentioned today, you will significantly improve your copying skills in no time.

Good luck and I can't wait to read some of your amazing headlines in the wild as I start my day 🙂


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