How many types of advertising, a Facebook ad is only as good as its copywriter.

You could be promoting a high conversion rate campaign from MaxBounty and have an endless budget to work with. However, if your copy is weak, you can also pass your conversions off as experts.

In order to write better Facebook ads, you need to learn both classic copywriting skills and a few New Age Tips. We've rounded up the seven who have the greatest opportunities to improve your ad writing skills in the shortest time. We've also brought in some examples of big brands that have used our suggestions in their own Facebook ads.

Let's forget about targeting, split testing, and ad platform features for a day and focus solely on these features Write great facebook ad copy.

1. Arouse curiosity

Giving people a reason to click your ad will make them more likely to click your ad. Seems obvious enough.

The goal is to create enough intrigue to make the user feel that the story of your ad is incomplete. Clicking on your ad will take you to Discover the end.

However, there is an important balance to keep in mind.

If you go too far into the obvious, you are entering the realm of click-bait. This will classify your ad as not acceptable and untrustworthy for most users. If Facebook noticed, you might even be punished.

Congratulations, you got someone's attention, but unfortunately it was Facebook's compliance team.

Here's how to do it right.


Note the last specimen in the Lulu Lemon ad above: "Gift ideas full of possibilities"

Such a line automatically makes the brain ask itself: "What gifts?" "Which possibilities?"

It creates intrigue and this is one of the most powerful ways to get a user to your landing page.

Try to use the same approach by putting the "end" of your message on your landing page. Remember, "You won't believe what happens next!" To lose.

2. Use simple language

Eight seconds. According to a recent study, this is the average attention span of Facebook users.

It's time to dodge the thesaurus and forget your impressive vocabulary keep things simple.

The best approach is to write short sentences that clearly communicate your message. Every word should have a purpose.

If possible, you can too Use numbers to communicate information efficiently.

Many users don't read every word in your copy. They skim over and process only what they think is important. Numbers are almost guaranteed to be one of those things since they are so easy for us to consume.

Instead of saying "This product works twice as fast as its previous version." you should say "This product works 100% faster than its previous version." Your message of increased product speed will be understood earlier with the latter approach, and time is of the essence in digital advertising.


Although the copy is a bit long. Above IKEA The ad uses simple language and numbers to convey its message.

The Question> Quick Answer> Statistics> Call to Action Structure has a natural flow as you read it, and each component ensures that its greeting is not exceeded.

3. Communicate the urgency

Procrastination can plague us all. To loosen up, we sometimes need a little more motivation.

You want your ad to get your audience to act now, not later. This is achieved by copying conveys the need for urgency.

You want to hit the user with just the right amount of FOMO to make them feel like they have to step into your sales funnel right away.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Use words that create a tighter sense of time, such as "Now", "soon", and "today"
  • Use a call to action with a finite life like "Log in before the time runs out"
  • Use lines that create a fear of missing out "It's your last chance." and "Do not miss"


This ad of Sephora goes all-in on the FOMO approach, even if the term is used directly in the copy. It's short and to the point and successful create a sense of urgency by directly telling the user not to miss any brand new products.


4. Make sure your ad is cohesive

A lot of Facebook ads fail because there is one Separation between copy and advertisement image. This can confuse the user and ask what exactly is being advertised. This is a conversion killer.

Fortunately, while this is a common and costly mistake, it is easy to avoid.

Here is a simple exercise to make sure your ad image and copy are always the same in the sky:

Read your copy and write it down The first five pictures that comes to mind. If possible, ask a friend to do the same now. If your image doesn't have components that immediately crossed your mind and / or your friend's mind, chances are that you Ad lacks cohesion.


The copy in this La-Z-Boy ad lets you imagine a festive, warm, and inviting living room with a comfortable couch as the centerpiece. The picture delivers just that. It then increases the stakes by adding a dog and a blanket. It is the epitome of cosiness.

It works because the Two components combine perfectly. The messages conveyed in each message are synonymous and avoid confusion about the ad attempting to say so.

5. Focus on the user

It's understandable to think that users want to know why a product is great. If you are aware of the cutting edge technology or the low price, how can you not click "Buy" right?

Not exactly.

Advertising the features of a product or service just goes unnoticed. That's because You do not include the user in your message. You are not a character in your story and that just isn't very exciting.

Instead, let them know What's in it for you?

Focus on communicating the true value of your advertising and the positive impact it has on the user's life.

Use "You yours", and "You're" in your copy so that they see themselves as the main character in your story.


This ad from Fender Guitars does a great job of keeping the focus on the user.

It clearly states how they would benefit if advertisements were shown while lines like "Find your perfect bass" and "Customize your style and needs" Make sure the user feels housed.

The easiest way to remember this is Advantages> Features.

6. Use emojis

Emojis can do two things that are important in any Facebook ad:

  • Draw attention to your copy of the ad
  • Save space by communicating something quickly through an image

You can also Personalize your adThis makes the user feel like they are getting a message from a friend rather than an advertiser.

The sole use is not recommended if your ad is about serious topics. It is probably best to leave them out of your copy when promoting a memorial service.


This Dunkin donuts ad effectively uses emojis to communicate key elements of its message. The present emoji hits the gift-giving angle, while the coffee emoji reinforces the advertised product.

Try using emojis in a similar way in your next ad.

7. Use a single call to action.

You probably already know that a strong call-to-action (CTA) is arguably the most important component of an ad. However, it is possible to rethink this crucial element to the point that the user is confused about what to expect from them.

To avoid this mistake, Identify a singular CTA and stick with it.

If the goal of your ad is to get someone to sign up, make sure you use a language that reinforces that requirement.

The best thing to do is to determine which Facebook button you use at the end of your ad. You can then use that to Run your call to action in the actual copy.


It is clear that the purpose of it Microsoft Store The purpose of the ad is to encourage users to register for their virtual winter camps. The word "to register" is even used twice, both at the end of the text copy and in the call-to-action area below.

The "Learn more" The button works well enough, but this ad could possibly have been approved using the "Subscribe" button. This would have fit better with the register-based CTA in the rest of the ad.

When writing your next Facebook ad, try any or all of these strategies to create a compelling, clear ad copy that will increase conversions.

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