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This story originally appeared on The Penny Hoarder.

Are you a Christmas superfan who can't get enough of Santa, snowmen, Christmas music, and even holiday muzak?

Or are you staring at your gift list, the synthesized version of “Sleigh Bells Ring” playing in the background, and feeling broke?

A seasonal side gig can be just the thing to get you through December with your mind and finances intact. Here you will find various Christmas jobs and gig-related gigs to put a little more jingle in your pocket.

1. Sell baked goods

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If baking is your thing, this time of year is your time to shine. Almost everyone loves to indulge themselves with extra delicacies for Christmas (calories? Who counts?)

But let's face it: baking is time consuming, it's hard work, and it's easy to make mistakes.

You can save your neighbors, your employees, and your regional farmer's market buyers with ready-made goodies. Find out how you can make money selling your baked goods.

2. Deck someone else's halls

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Decorating is a bit like baking because it's fun, yes, but it's also a chore. (Yes, we said it.)

Climb a ladder to hang lights, untangle the lights and haul them over the eaves only to find you run out of cord – it's a very good time before you actually do it.

This is where the savvy seasonal side hustler comes in.

Market yourself for Christmas decorating jobs in your neighborhood or on a platform like TaskRabbit or Craigslist and offer your services for hanging Christmas lights, pruning trees, and even wrapping gifts.

You could also find a gig at a professional decorating company.

3. Get a retail job

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Large retailers hire thousands of seasonal workers. And thanks to the low unemployment rate, they have to compete with each other so that workers can cast the gigs. That means better pay and better performance.

The Penny Hoarder has collected around 550,000 Christmas vacancies from major employers across the country. Read these tips to get hired during this competitive hiring season.

If you want a side gig that could last well into the new year, tax preparation specialists Jackson Hewitt are putting the 2021 tax season on hold.

4. Make friends with a senior

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Because of the social distancing that separates families this holiday season, there are many seniors who may feel isolated and need additional help.

Papa, a company that connects older adults with young people to tackle isolation and loneliness, has been expanding its services and attitudes as a pandemic hit.

While the company operates primarily in 25 states, candidates can apply from anywhere in the US and provide virtual assistance with mentoring, technical troubleshooting, and more.

5. Sell your homemade Christmas crafts

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You can warm up in the vacation spirit, practice your artistic side, and at the same time make some cash by making and selling Christmas crafts.

Pinterest is full of ideas. Here are some of our favorites.

6. Shovel snow

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Think of this as your source of income for the vacation and winter exercise program to keep December weight gain in check. Win win!

Shovler is an app, similar to Uber, that connects willing diggers to buried driveways. (Actually the owners of said driveways.) They shovel, they pay.

7. Take family portraits

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If you have a good eye and an above-average camera, you can offer your services to capture the ubiquitous family photos of everyone in matching plaid pajamas.

If you can imagine an original image, so much the better. And if you can get all of the kids to smile at the same time, please share your secret fairy dust because we literally never made it.

Here is what you need to start making money on family photos.

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