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You woke up late. They didn't have hot water to shower. Your child sniffed. They had nothing clean to wear.

If you work in a regular office, almost any old reason is enough for you to quit. But when you're working remotely, a lot of those excuses are just that – excuses. Even so, there will be times when you really have to call sick. With that in mind, we've put together a list of nine reasons why you should quit while working remotely.

1. You are actually sick

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Sure, sometimes a bad headache would have been enough to stop you from working – or to be sick to avoid your commute. But there are times when you are just too sick to get out of bed. (And no, you really shouldn't try to work from your bed either.)

Just try to evaluate your illness during the day. Sometimes you feel sicker in the morning and get a second wind in the afternoon. If it does, then you can try to get the job done if you feel like it.

2. You have a doctor's appointment

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The nice thing about remote work is that you can theoretically plan doctor's appointments during the day and still catch up on work without missing a beat. However, not all appointments can be completed in less than an hour. If you have a long appointment or if the distance to and from the doctor's office is long, it may be worthwhile to leave the work. This way, you can focus on your health without having to worry about work.

3. You have a family emergency

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Many excuses can fall under the family umbrella. Family emergencies can (and can) arise, from a rush to get your sick pooch to the vet to your husband's car breaking down on the way to work. Unless you really want to go into detail about what is happening to your family, there are times when you need to quit work for a family emergency.

4. Someone else is sick

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You knew when you sent your child to school that morning that they were not feeling quite right. So it was no surprise when a few hours later you received a call from the nurse's office stating that your child was in P.E.

If you find that you are spending most of your day nursing, then consider stopping work for the entire day. If your child is sick, it is probably only a matter of time before the entire household catches the cooties. Might also try to rest a bit beforehand!

5. You suffer a loss

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If someone you love passes away, then you should definitely call. While some people may find that work is a much-needed distraction, there is a good chance that your job performance is suffering. It is better to take the time it takes to grieve before returning to your job responsibilities.

6. You have a household emergency

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Let's say you woke up with a flooded basement or a leaky roof. If you have a household emergency that requires your time and attention while calling in contractors, your best bet is to leave work. That way, once the repairs are done, you can handle your emergency and get ready for work.

7. You need a mental health day

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There will definitely be days when, despite your best efforts, you are not in the best frame of mind to work. It could be that you have personal problems plaguing you, or you just had a very, very rough night. There's nothing wrong with taking a mental health day when you really need it. But try to limit such days to the time when it is absolutely necessary to take them.

8. You have bad weather

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Quitting work because of bad weather is something office workers may need to do. If you're working remotely, the weather shouldn't affect your ability to work, should it?

Not necessarily. If a severe snowstorm has just occurred in your area, you may have to stop working so you can plow your driveway or clear your sidewalks. Or, if high winds whip through your neighborhood, it may take time to clear fallen trees so you can actually get out of your home. Even for remote workers, the weather can affect your performance.

And even if you live in an apartment, bad weather can destroy your WiFi. If your internet isn't working you may have to stop working – or find another place to set up the shop.

9. You are interviewing for another job

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Remote work job hunting is definitely easier than in a traditional workplace. While you don't have to worry about curious coworkers wondering why you are suddenly wearing a suit (when you usually show up to work in jeans and a t-shirt), you may have to stop working if you are interviewing for someone else Position. You never know how long your interview might take, or if your prospect wants you to interview other team members on-site.

To give yourself enough time without having to worry about your current boss needing something from you ASAP, it might be worthwhile to quit work instead.

Call sick when working remotely

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When working remotely, issues such as bad weather, car won't start, or feeling bad don't necessarily hinder your efforts to work from home. But there will still be days when you have a valid reason not to work. So use your best judgment when it comes to calling in sick so you can get back to your best shape.

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