August 31, 2020


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Almost half (44%) Consumers in the UK, US and Germany agree that current branded content is boring and uninspiring. Now more than ever, consumers want fresh content in their feeds when they are stuck at home. Nevertheless, it is a challenge in and of itself to carry out effective campaigns with needle movements in uncertain times and in a fast-moving environment.

In response, Takumi, the world's leading influencer marketing company, introduced TAKUMI X: a new creative department with a developer-led approach to influencer marketing. TAKUMI X puts its own focus on the current relationship between brand and creator and focuses entirely on the creators so that they can access brands directly.

At the same time, Takumi announced the appointment of Jim Meadows – a veteran strategist with 10 years experience in social media and branded content – as Chief Strategy Officer. Meadows will use his previous experience with brands such as Redbull, Virgin Media and the British Red Cross to drive efforts to expand TAKUMI X to six global markets by the end of the year.

TAKUMI X: Paving the future of branded content

TAKUMI X aims to enable a new approach to the relationship between developers and brands. The creators bring their own insights and expertise to the process from the start.

“We have seen time and again that the most culturally relevant marketing content is designed and developed by developers today. These are the people who drive the culture, set the agenda, capture the zeitgeist, and create the virality that brands can struggle to achieve on their own, "said Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of Takumi." We're excited to be working closer together than ever before and to offer our customers unparalleled first-hand access to the insights and creative reserves of leading talent. "

Put simply, it all boils down to social listening rather than just a set-it-and-forget-it approach. Ultimately, developers have the information marketers need to stay ahead of current and emerging trends and tell the story in a tone and through a medium that delivers results.

Bridging the gap between brands and consumer audiences

Takumi recently published a whitepaper unpacking the idea that influencers value creative control above all, followed by a clear mandate from which to operate. In contrast to the traditional structure, TAKUMI X recognizes the evolving role of the creator. As they become more sophisticated, they are better equipped to tackle a greater part of the campaign development, including working out the creative tasks. With this effort, Takumi positions the creators as independent creative directors and producers who have a deep understanding of the cultural landscape and know how to meaningfully fill the gap between brands and consumers with authentic storytelling.

Equipping the next generation of culturally credible brands

Then, with a better understanding of the mission and vision behind TAKUMI X, what specific services can marketers expect to increase their efforts? Here is a brief overview:

Talent discovery: Connect with a diverse pool of emerging creative talent and niche creators who are suitable for a targeted campaign.

Creatively guided direction: Work side-by-side with developers in the early stages of campaign development and establish a streamlined approach to the entire briefing process.

Cultural insights: Gain first-hand insights into trends, interests and values ​​that affect the way the audience thinks, behaves and feels.

Branded entertainment and creator content: Establish multi-channel strategies for sharing organic, author-led stories that endure and are culturally relevant.

Reinforcement: Predict, measure and amplify ROI for maximum content optimization.

TAKUMI X is currently available in the UK. The US and other territories will be rolled out in the coming weeks, according to the company's official announcement.

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