LaterCon is back – and it's bigger and better than ever!

There's a lot to do to build your brand on social media in 2020 – trends are moving fast, new tools and features are constantly being released – and building a comprehensive, future-proof strategy is key to your success.

To accomplish just that, we're offering a series of live speaker events on September 23 by +25 experts the social media live and breathe to share their tips and brand secrets.

Everything totally virtual. All completely free. Seriously, you won't want to do without it!

Why take part in the LaterCon?

Here at Later, we are familiar with social media.

As part of our commitment to sharing the latest tricks and trends in social marketing, we decided to do something great to build on those foundations.

We hosted our first virtual LaterCon conference last year, but we decided to get a lot bigger for 2020!

With the goal of helping you stay on top of things and building your brand safely on social media, we've teamed up with some of the best voices in the industry.

The best part? No queuing. No expensive passports. Not a trip. Only the best strategies from experts and brands that you know and love.

That's right – we do it virtually!

It's like a marketing conference, except you don't have to leave your office (or house) or wear a name tag.

And we cover everything – whether your goal for 2020 is to gain more followers, increase sales or develop beautiful aesthetics, we will teach you how to create a strong foundation for your strategy.

Get ready to expand your account, gain a loyal following and build your business online.

You don't want to miss that. Simply register below to receive your free LaterCon ticket!

What is a digital conference?

Digital is something like our thing, so you can expect the same benefits of a regular conference that goes straight to your screens.

While a digital conference offers a lot of convenience, we don't want you to miss out on the benefits of a personal event.

LaterCon participants can also prepare for live questions and answers, score VIP merch and network with the participants (using the hashtag #LaterCon) to achieve a fully ~ IRL ~ digital experience.

Make sure to save the date and turn on on September 23, and watch the sessions when they are released in real time.

And just like a conference, you can choose which sessions you want to attend. These range from the creation of content via the psychology of social media to storytelling and everything in between!

What will i learn

Don't expect generic (or worse, outdated!) Marketing advice for social media here!

Our +25 speakers share advanced strategies that actually work with real-world examples to prove it.

You get advice from real practitioners – from the strategists behind your favorite brands to influencers with over 1 million followers – as all of our speakers publish, engage and optimize their accounts every day.

We also deal with the special features of panels and meetings that are specific to the industry and the size of your company.

No matter if you are a global brand, a small company, an e-commerce business or a passionate creative person, we have selected speakers with specialist knowledge tailored to you!

We'll also take a first look at the key upcoming social media trends in 2020 and beyond, so you know what to expect and what skills you may need to learn to stay ahead of the game.

Our # LaterCon speakers understand the power of Instagram marketing to grow businesses and improve your bottom line.

Stay up to date and subscribe to the Later newsletter to be the first to know about our speakers and meeting announcements!

How much does a LaterCon ticket cost?

This event is completely free!

That's right – no expensive passports, no travel expenses, no need to convince your boss to pay the bill – we have you covered!

Count me in! Where do I sign up?

Fantastic! 😉

We're really looking forward to September and can't wait for you to join LaterCon and improve your Instagram marketing skills.

Also, don't forget to share the word with your friends and colleagues! If you plan to tune in together, we * can * even connect you with special gifts and prices.

To receive your free ticket, simply fill out the following form:

We'd love to hear from you! Tag us on your Instagram stories at @latermedia with the hashtag #LaterCon or share this tweet to let us know you're there!

Written by

Lexie Carbone

Lexie is the director of marketing campaigns at Later. She has helped dozens of brands build their social footprint and take their content strategy to the next level. You can connect to her on Instagram @lexiecarbone.


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