Lara Colucci

By Victoria Sawyer

After the entrepreneur Lara Colucci broke her wrist in a snowboarding accident in 2016, she found it difficult to get dressed, let alone put on a bra. So she started carrying pies for some sort of coverage.

As many of us know, we tend to familiarize ourselves with pies from burlesque, cabaret shows, or even circus and festival acts (insert Miley Cyrus & Lil Kim award show fashions here), but pies have been around since For a long time an act behind the scenes, especially in the fashion world.

Traditional pies look like circular bandages designed to do one thing – to cover the nipple under select items of clothing where bras won't work, or for the woman who just wants to go without a bra.

However, Colucci thought differently about the traditional design and usage.

“The problem with other nipple covers is that they either worked terribly (puffy nipples, chicken cutlet breasts, band-aid tape that left a rash) or looked awful. I was used to feeling safe and partying about my body and the products that were out at the time made me feel different – like hiding my nipples in a way that was kind of shameful. It's hard to explain if you haven't been there, but putting tape over your nipples doesn't look good, and on a deeper level, it doesn't feel good, ”explains Colucci.

With this vision Colucci began work. “I designed lollipops for one main reason. I loved not wearing a bra, but I wanted a better solution than the one there was. “That better solution was a functional, patent pending and innovative version of the nipple cover. One is:

  • Made of silicone as opposed to bandage-like fabric – this results in a smoother look under clothing, a larger girth (better coverage) and doesn't leave a rash.
  • Reusable – up to 20 uses as opposed to single use by traditional pies.
  • Fashionable – these pies were designed to be hugged so the woman could feel comfortable, confident and ultimately shown when she wanted to.
  • Empowerment – these aren't just for the fashion-conscious woman – they're for the 16-year-old, the everyday working woman, the mother who stays at home or the grandmother of five.

“My favorite thing about sharing lollipops with women is hearing their reactions after I've worn them for the first time. Lollipops are fun, they can be sassy too, but ultimately they make you feel beautiful, powerful, and brave. And that's what I really wanted to achieve. Lollipop … we're a new way to get into lingerie. "

And some may think 2020 is not the perfect time to have a product like this, as bras have practically been ditched along with everything else. However, we women still need coverage for this random conference call that could be emailed or FaceTime with the cousin who was trying to get everyone to wear his shirts to the family reunion.

With its fashionable design and versatile functions, you can soon expect Lollipetals at fashion weeks, festivals like Coachella & Burning Man and in large specialty stores.

A New Path to Lingerie – Meet Lollipetals first appeared in Home Business Magazine.


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