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For reliable hosting that focuses on speed, A2 Hosting has plenty of options to get your website up and running.

If you are familiar with SEO and the ranking factors that Google uses to determine where your website will appear in search results, you will know that speed is an important factor in securing higher rankings and increasing traffic and sales.

This is an important way in which A2 differs from other standard web hosting options. The focus is on speed for all services.

A2 Compared to the best shared hosting companies

A 99.98% uptime guarantee, free automated backups and free site migration are just some of the features that set A2 apart when it comes to reliable web hosting. As one of the oldest providers out there, this is a solid option for both new and seasoned websites. WordPress users will especially love A2 as it has pricing packages specifically tailored for WordPress sites.

Before making informed decisions about a hosting provider, it is always a good idea to understand your options. I've spent hours making sure the toplists page only has the best web hosting services that suit a wide variety of needs and features. To see the full rundown, check out this post to see all of the top tips.

Who is A2 best for?

It's easy. Any website looking to drive sales and conversions can benefit from a hosting service like A2. I mentioned it before, but I don't get tired of saying that speed is the name of the game if you want to attract new leads, retain existing customers, maintain your Google rankings, and maintain a good brand reputation.

Now there isn't a web host on the planet that doesn't have its advantages and disadvantages. One thing is certain, however: no website visitor wants to land on a website that takes forever to load. They bounce off your website faster than what you can call web hosting.

While you can try installing cache plugins that will slow your website down and claim to improve your website's speed, a speed-focused host like A2 may be a better place to start.

A2: The pros and cons


Exclusive web server: Global web servers exclusively available for A2 give you a head start in the speed game with speeds that can be up to 20 times faster than the competition.

Live chat and support around the clock: A 24/7 live support feature is helpful if your website is experiencing technical issues or downtime. A2 has specialists ready to guide you through any troubleshooting problem.

Free site migration: If you need to migrate your site to A2 from a previous web host, you can do the job for free. Unlike other providers, no additional fees are required.

Compatible with a wide variety of platforms: A2 Hosting works great with a number of CMS solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and OpenCart. You can install them with one click once you're signed in.

Free SSL Certification: SSL Certification is vital for the security of the website and to ensure that your visitors trust your website enough to keep them coming back again and again. Fortunately, A2 offers this feature for free.

24/7 malware scanning and monitoring: You can sleep soundly at night knowing A2 is ready to let you know of any attempts on your site with the 24 hour monitoring that other hosting services may not offer.

Free Cloudflare CDN: A2 gives you a free Cloudflare CDN for any hosting plan you choose for extra speed and load times.

CO2-neutral hosting: As the world evolves, A2 evolves with him through its climate neutral hosting option. A2 supports climate-neutral hosting, ie all servers are classified as "climate-neutral" through the purchase of CO2 compensation payments. With A2, you can be sure that you will host your website without adding to your carbon footprint.

Can handle websites of all sizes: If your plan is to grow your website traffic, it doesn't matter if you are starting a website from scratch or if you are a large company that generates a lot of traffic and sales. A2 can handle your website growth with a variety of hosting plans, all designed for speed.


Doesn't offer a free domain: While this is not a requirement for a hosting service to function properly, it is helpful to have the option to register a free domain like other hosting services, especially if you are on a budget.

Increased renewal fees: For the most part, you can expect higher renewal rates from almost every hosting provider, but it's still worth mentioning if you are thinking and planning for the long term. With the renewal, the price of the A2 hosting packages increases.

A2 pricing

A2 is not just different as a fast host. You also have a lot – and I mean a lot – web hosting options to choose from.

First of all, their general hosting services fall into eight different categories and sub-categories:

  • Shared hosting – best for hosting personal websites and blogs
  • Managed WordPress hosting – perfect for WordPress sites
  • Managed VPS hosting – offers more power than shared hosting
  • Unmanaged VPS Hosting – Unmanaged VPS for developers
  • Reseller hosting – best for hosting your own customers
  • Dedicated hosting (unmanaged servers) – best for developers
  • Dedicated hosting (core server) – managed server with root access
  • Dedicated hosting (managed servers) – managed server without root access

You can definitely start with one of their basic options for each category that suits your site needs. Especially if you are a startup on a budget.

However, if you want to go a step further or want additional features, you can pick a more specific plan within the category of your choice.

This is how their cheapest plans stack up:

Shared hosting

  • Startup – Prepaid $ 2.99 monthly for a three year plan
  • Drive – Prepaid $ 4.99 monthly for a three year plan
  • Turbo Boost – Prepaid $ 9.99 monthly for a three year plan
  • Turbo Max – Prepaid $ 14.99 monthly for a three year plan

Shared hosting is best for small websites that are just getting started and are starting to see traffic. As you can see, the cheapest plan is just $ 107 plus a few changes for a reliable three year hosting plan.

Beginner deals like this one compete with Bluehost deals that have similar pricing but no speed guarantee, which is a big plus on a shared hosting plan.

As you climb the price ladder, you can host unlimited websites, get unlimited storage, and within the last two tiers you get a 20x turbo boost for faster website speeds.

Note that these pricing tiers are exactly the same for a shared WordPress hosting plan.

Managed WordPress hosting

  • 1 site – $ 12.99 per month prepaid three years
  • 3 Site – $ 22.99 per month prepaid three years
  • Unlimited – $ 43.99 per month prepaid three years

Managed WordPress hosting is a step up from shared hosting with advanced WordPress features that ensure security and speed. The biggest difference between the three different options in this category is the number of websites you need to manage and the amount of storage you need. It's as simple as choosing the tier that suits your hosting needs. Fortunately, they are all equipped with turbo speed 20 times faster.

Managed VPS hosting

  • Lift 8 – $ 46.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Lift 16 – $ 57.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Do 8- $ 59.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Do $ 16- $ 89.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Do $ 32- $ 99.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan

If you enter the field of managed VPS hosting, you will find yourself dealing with increased RAM features and storage capacities. This is a great option before you're ready to jump into a dedicated server plan. I recommend checking out the pricing page for a full review of what each plan has to offer.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

  • Runway 2 – $ 7.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Runway 4 – $ 9.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Supersonic 8 – $ 34.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Supersonic 16- $ 54.99 per month prepaid for a three year plan
  • Supersonic 32- $ 74.99 per month prepaid for a three-year plan

An unmanaged VPS plan will ensure your site will run quickly with additional RAM, storage, and root access. Of course, this VPS plan is definitely developer friendly.

Reseller hosting

  • Kickstart – $ 18.99 per month upfront for a three year plan
  • Start – $ 24.99 per month paid upfront for a three year plan
  • Grow – $ 34.99 per month paid upfront for a three year plan
  • Scale – $ 44.99 per month paid upfront for a three-year plan
  • Turbo Kickstart – $ 29.99 per month upfront for a three year plan

With reseller hosting you get additional SSD storage, WebHost manager, cPanel, a free Blesta billing system, a free SSL certificate, support around the block guru and a free website migration. The more GB of storage and transfer you need, the more you have to pay monthly.

Dedicated hosting (unmanaged servers)

  • Sprint – $ 99.59 monthly
  • Exceed – $ 165.99 monthly
  • Mach – $ 248.99 monthly

As you can see, the more storage, RAM or transfer TB you need, the more you have to pay monthly. Special hosting with unmanaged servers is a great option for developers who want more control. As with every other plan A2 Hosting offers, each tier also includes super fast website load speeds.

Dedicated hosting (core server)

  • Sprint – $ 141.09 monthly
  • Exceed – $ 207.49 monthly
  • Mach – $ 290.49 monthly

Similar to the previous category above, the more RAM, storage, and transfer TB you need, the more you'll have to pay monthly. With a dedicated hosting plan with core servers and root access, you also get all of the HostGuard management features. This means:

  • Daily automatic and restartless updates
  • Managed installations and upgrades of core software
  • Intelligent system notifications
  • 99.9% availability commitment
  • Security patches

Dedicated hosting (managed servers)

  • Sprint – $ 141.09 monthly
  • Exceed – $ 207.49 monthly
  • Mach – $ 290.49 monthly

If you run a site that just can't afford downtime and needs the best A2 hosting plans, then you should check out their managed dedicated server solutions. However, you have to be willing to pay the price to get access to perks like lightning fast speeds and a dedicated crew to see with any hosting issue regardless of the time of day.

The cheapest managed dedicated server solutions start at $ 141.09 per month. You can always try them out for 30 days to experience their features first hand. If you are not satisfied with the performance of A2 Hosting, all hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A2 hosting plans

By this point, you've learned how A2 Hosting stands up for speed, availability, customer support, and a wide variety of hosting options for you to choose from.

However, they offer additional tools and solutions. You can purchase your preferred domain directly through them and explore the highly specific additional hosting solutions. This is what I mean:


A2 Hosting definitely gives you the speed and availability, but you can't forget about your domain. You can either register a new domain or transfer an existing domain to get your site up and running.

Your most popular extensions are broken down as follows:

  • .biz – $ 17.45
  • .com – $ 14.95
  • .io – $ 49.95
  • .net – $ 14.95
  • .org – $ 14.95

While you may not get the cheapest deals on domains direct from A2 Hosting, this is definitely an option that is there for you if you don't have the hassle of transferring one.

Additional hosting solutions

Yes, you read that right. While we've discussed many hosting plans and packages before, A2 Hosting lets you delve deeper into a seemingly endless rabbit hole of software and hosting solution combinations that suit even more specific website needs.

Once you've chosen the solution that's right for you, A2 Hosting will put together a combination of the best hosting options and software available to meet your specific needs.

For example, if I wanted to serve a classified ads website through that website, after clicking that option, I was greeted with a list of popular classified ads software that is highly compatible with A2 hosting services. It also gives me a comprehensive list of the best web hosting plans that are perfect for classified ads websites.

This is an extremely useful feature if you run a website with more detailed requirements and want to address them head on. Features like these are another reason why A2 excels as a powerful hosting solution for a wide variety of websites in a wide variety of niches.

The best shared hosting companies

Don't forget to read through our in-depth review of the best shared hosting companies. Check out all of our top deals to ensure you make the best choice possible.

Without question, A2 Hosting is one of the fastest providers I have experience with. It offers 24/7 support, exclusive global servers, and works great with a range of CMS solutions. In addition, A2 Hosting is even trying to reduce its carbon footprint. As a hosting provider that has been around as long as WordPress, it's firmly on our list of top picks as one of the best web hosting solutions out there.

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