Garrett French – Founder of Citation Labs and expert in link building – provides a complete guide to guest posting on sales-supported websites. Why is that a good strategy? How do your posts benefit from these websites? How do you get started and which websites do you reach? Watch out to find out!

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Hi Guys. My name is Garrett French and I am a link builder. I run Citation Labs. We have 120 employees and we are building a lot of links. I'm here today to re-introduce the guest posting tactics to you.

Well. More specifically, however, guest posts with a goal of publishers – this largest part of the publishers pyramid here – who are supported by sales and whose main reason for publication is the sale of things.


So let's dive in. We are talking about earned internships. The editors must approve this content. There is an editorial gatekeeper. Again yes / no? Do we want to publish? Don't we

Does it meet our standards? We're talking real websites with real audiences. We are talking about a flexible format. So you can think beyond an article. For example, you can think in terms of a FAQ or a glossary or something along those lines. Again, we would like to emphasize that the publishers we are talking about get their income from sales.

You publish to attract new customers or to sell products or services. We're not talking about PBNs. We're not talking about sponsored placements. We're not talking about a circumstance where you have to pay money to get in front of someone else's audience. Finally, I would like to point out that we are not necessarily talking about open circumstances here.

This is not a branded expertise game. This is not your chance to show how much you know. Now you will be able to show your expertise, but you will be second fiddle. You have to put the publisher itself and its interest in selling first. That's what you're doing here, and that's why you are approaching this group and reposting it. This is the publisher benefit that you'll highlight as you get closer to this group.

Why guest posts?

If youIf you

Why now guest posts? Well folks, there is tremendous visibility and reach here. Look at the pyramid. This is representative of most industries in general, with 95% of publishers publishing for sales, 4% mission based and backed by taxes, tuition, donations, subscriptions, etc.

Then we supported the 1% display. There are so many publishers out there trying to sell in your industry, your clients' industry, your target industry when you are in-house, and there is a huge disaggregated reach out there. There are lots of newsletters, lots of social media followers, people to work in front of.

You have a lot more subject and context control when you publish to these types of websites when you want to publish to these websites. When you look at the tax, tuition, donation, and subscription-backed swath here that is 4%, you can sometimes have topics to discuss sales or mention a sales page.

But more often, one really needs to focus on the editor's mission, why are they publishing. You are on a mission and therefore not only supported by sales. Then when we talk about digital PR or any type of mainstream media focus or PR effort, of course they want content that will drive the page views.

This is how they are supported. There's another mission in there, of course. In any case, however, at this point you will be much less able to link to your sales pages. So again, what we're talking about here or one of the perks here is more of a link to sales pages which of course will improve the ranking of your sales pages.

How to write a guest post

In this context, why is that easier when it comes to helping someone else sell? Let's go over the how and talk about it, and you'll see what makes it possible too.

Find publishers

So, first and foremost, the point is to find publishers where the top of funnel topics overlap, with some of your top of funnel topics, your prospect's pain and their prospect's pain similar and to one another are connected.

Maybe we're talking about audience overlap. Maybe we're talking about industry overlap. Also overlapping locations. There's kind of an overlap here, and this is where you speak when you're thinking about topics for a particular publisher. Another way of thinking about it is through the members of this market, which we consider as the solution stack.

In SEO, we all have our favorite tool stack, the tools that everyone uses, Moz for example. If you are into it and you are an agency like Citation Labs, it might make sense to work and try to get a SaaS tool visible in the SEO space.

"Unbundle" the stack

If youIf you

However, let's work a little longer here, hold on a little longer, and think about unbundling the stack in different verticals as this is really at the heart of the process and approach. Let's remember that you are a broker.

There will be some roofers within your stack or industry, and certainly within your location, and a handful of these people will have blogs. Not all, but a handful of wills. So, you are reaching out to a roofer with a topic like 10 Reasons To Repair Your Roof Before Put Your Home Up For Sale.

That solves a roofing problem, doesn't it? There are reasons to buy roofing services. You will also have the opportunity to share your expertise as a realtor and the potential impact of roof conditions on home sales.

Let's get down to these, commercial ovens, let's say these brick ovens for pizza here. We see someone in the flour room. Maybe they have some organic flour. Well, you are going to write them a guide on why you need to use organic flour in your pizza dough for your pizza restaurant, the difference organic flour can make in the result of the quality of the dough and crust.

They will talk about the effects of temperature on organics, not organics, when it does. There may be none, but let's just assume that it does. Then you have a good chance of connecting to your commercial pizza ovens too.

If you are on a website that sells flour in the restaurant area, it really makes sense for you to have some visibility there. For example, suppose you sell cell phones and think about fitness or health. So you can open something.

You can find a physiotherapist. You have 10 apps that expand your physical therapy. This can work just as well for a yoga studio or a CrossFit gym. Apps that improve your training and physical fitness. Again, you put them first because you are talking about expanding services or work already in progress that will assume someone is your client, choose that physical therapist, or choose to take yoga classes in this particular studio.

So this is what we are talking about when we think about or talk about unbundling this stack. You see, when we develop topics that we would address, we put the publisher first. Always put the publisher first and understand the reason they are publishing.

Improve your pitch

This is the biggest piece, guys. Why do they publish? They publish because they want to sell services and products. So you think about topics and formats that support this and overlap with what you are selling and how you function. We will see. Here's another great tip. Try to include calls-to-action for your publisher in the title.

So we could revise this one. Ten reasons to fix the roof before selling your home. No, 10 reasons to call a roofer before listing your home for sale or 10 reasons to call a roofer now if your home is up for sale in April.

So you really want to upgrade your pitch for this publishing group's intended purpose. You think beyond the article. We talked a little about it and mentioned this earlier. You think about FAQs. You think of glossaries.

Discover different formats

What other formats could be strong, potential formats? An infographic, a small infographic. All of this could be explained or supported by the use of graphics. Again, this is the type of document or pitch that could be really effective as the publisher will immediately see how it can benefit their sales, the reason why they publish.

Keyword research

Are you an SEO, right? You will focus on keyword research in your pitch. Hey, it looks like you're not ranking some of these terms in your region. Again, there has to be an overlap for these terms and for what you want to sell or for what your topic needs to be.

But if you have a foundation for your pitch, keyword research to back up your topic, and why it benefits the publisher, you are miles ahead of anyone else who brings it up.

Help promote

Then you could even offer a doctorate. You'll link to it from another location if you get another. They will post it on Twitter for your followers. You will mention it on Facebook etc. You might even buy some ads for it.

Fact-based quotes

Now it's one of the key pieces here, it's kind of hidden down here. They will make sure that when you link to your pages on your website, you are doing so in the context of a fact-based citation. Ideally, you have something on your sales page, we call it a quotable element that is fact based, ideally your own data that will ultimately support a purchase decision.

For example, if you know that your ovens work best with organic flour at 412 degrees instead of 418 degrees and you have the data to back it up, this is a great place and reason to resort to your oven page that would have this Datapoint mentioned on it.

It's best if you link in a legitimate way. This is especially true if it is about data and if it is some type of quote that needs to be linked, where the link is essential, e.g. B. a quote.

Again, this model or approach needs to be supported by quotable elements on your sales pages or on the page you link to if you choose this route and don't necessarily create sales pages.


Whoo, I think that's it guys.

Probably a lot of questions. However, this is our approach to guest posting to sales-assisted publishers. Try it out and let me know how to do it. I look forward to hearing from you at – please answer your questions.

Thanks, people.

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