Aari & Co. founder ShanettaAari & Co. founder Shanetta

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People around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the effects personal care products have on their health. With the growing awareness, more consumers are seeking ethical beauty, which means that the ingredients used in these products should be safe, natural, organic and cruelty free. With trust, ethics and transparency as the main ingredients, Aari & Co. is a company that meets the expectations of today's “conscious consumer”. Founded by Shanetta, an ambitious entrepreneur with a background in biochemistry, healthcare and research, Aari & Co. offers organic personal care products made from ethically traded, toxin-free ingredients.

A little bit about Shanetta's career history

Before founding Aari & Co., Shanetta was a professional tennis trainer at a tennis facility. After completing her majors at university, she began her career in biochemistry and later moved into healthcare to gain clinical experience.

Shanetta's inspiration to start your own business

At first, Shanetta made products in her home. After about a year, her mother, who immediately fell in love with their products after trying them out, encouraged them to take the plunge and start Aari & Co. However, this is only a small part of the story.

Shanetta says, “My grandmother was one of my greatest role models. Ms. Hattie Que was also a soap maker, herbalist, midwife, and farmer. There was nothing she couldn't do. She was a woman of undeniable courage, strength, and faith. She wasn't just my grandmother; She was my heroine and greatest mentor. “She says that as a child she watched her create soaps for family and friends that not only smelled divine but also helped moisturize and moisturize their skin.

After the death of her beloved Aunt Gail and grandmother Hattie Que, she began researching the links between food and disease. Her research encouraged her to change her eating habits and adopt a plant-based lifestyle. She returned to her biochemical roots and began researching products that she used during her daily hygiene routine. Horrified by the presence of toxic chemicals in her personal care products, she decided to make organic personal care products that were fortified with nourishing herbs.

Shanetta dedicates her entire line of organic herbal soaps to the legacy and vision of her late grandmother, Mrs. Hattie Que.

Aari & Co. products

More about Aari & Co.

Aari & Co. offers natural herbal products for skin and hair that are highly effective, toxin-free, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and ethically sound. Shanetta describes Aari & Co. as love work for all natural, pure and organic things. She says, “We are all taught to eat healthy and organic foods. What we put on our body must be the same. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it. At Aari & Co., we believe we should influence the world around us. Our ingredients are traded ethically, we have environmentally friendly packaging and we never test on animals. We also have vegan-friendly options. "

Interestingly, Shanetta wanted to find a way to remember her aunt, grandmother, and friends. Their products are named after important people in their lives.

The main goals of Aari & Co.

According to Shanetta, Aari & Co.'s primary target market is anyone who wants to nourish their body from the outside in. She says, “We have had several clients with skin and / or hair problems who are seeing results. We have acne, hypopigmentation, and psoriasis customers who try to love our products. Our products are gentle enough for newborns and tough enough to wash away those crazy, sweaty days. "

Initially, Shanetta was making products for her friends and family in her kitchen, and the word just came out. Today this local company went online and anyone who wants to take advantage of the natural goodness of these products can easily purchase them.

Your successes

Shanetta says the greatest achievement of her life is starting Aari & Co. She says, “I've waited years to start this company out of fear. I'm so happy that I took the plunge and become venerable enough to just start. My mother has the honor of inspiring and encouraging me to pursue my vision and embark on this challenging but beautiful journey of entrepreneurship.

The name "Aari" means lion. The funny thing about lions is that they aren't the strongest, fastest, or biggest animal, but they believe they are. To start this business I needed some of the courage and fearlessness that lions possess. Now I get emails from customers telling me how our products have helped them. I enjoy that so much. "

Aari & Co. products 2

Benefits of working from home for Shanetta

Shanetta calls her sanctuary and her safe haven. She says she can create new formulations at home anytime during the night and then test them. "I love being able to work freely at any time and then take a breather," adds Shanetta.

Shanetta's outlook for the future

Shanetta is very optimistic about the future of her personal care brand. She intends to continue to develop these natural, cruelty free products that are pure, safe, and come with great results. She is excited to expand Aari & Co.'s products into the mainstream retail market. Check out the beautifully crafted products at www.aaricompany.com.

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