How to act on social media during a divorce

How to act on social media during a divorce

from David

Nowadays most people cannot imagine that
their life without social media. More than 2.77 billion social media users
Networks, forums and blogs make up about 40% of the world's population. On
On average, social media accounts for around 30% of all online time.
While there's nothing wrong with having a Facebook or Twitter account, this is it
Information in them can be used against their owner.

Can social media do the
Divorce outcome?

The legal practice these days taken into account
Account changes in the information world and use them to your advantage. To the
In divorce proceedings, for example, judges have started to accept evidence in the EU
Form of screenshots of social accounts, records of conversations from
Instant messengers and comments on various websites. As reported by,
24% of marriages ended for infidelity and 27% of spouses last year
Find out more about the matter by reading her partner's online messages.

Right now, social networks are essentially
A huge database with a lot of information about hundreds of
Millions of people worldwide. It is an inexhaustible source of the personal
Information about its users. This means our profiles, messages and emails
are very accessible to other people. Hence at the beginning of a divorce
Process you need to control all of your internet activity carefully
Make the most of it to your advantage. All you need is a few to follow
Basic rules on social media to contribute to the divorce you want

How you can benefit from social

Social media like Twitter, Facebook,
Snapchat and many others are a colossal store of valuable information. It can
can be used in many different ways including improving your chances of getting that
Conditions after the divorce you want. Below we offer various ways to benefit from it
Combination of social media activities and divorce proceedings.

Use lawfully received

Comments, posts, photos and videos that
Your spouse shares on social networks seem inconsistent at first glance, however
They contain valuable information that can be used to your advantage. We are not
Suggest that you watch your spouse's every move and look for skeletons in the
Closet. Use only publicly available information, such as Twitter posts.
Comments on Reddit or videos on YouTube. For example, show the judge a photo
from Instagram with your spouse's unworthy behavior or screenshots of insults
statements addressed to you.

But be careful. Remember you can't
Use your spouse's password to log into their account and collect the information
you need. The illegally obtained information is in court and not admissible
can get you in trouble as it is basically hacking what is against the
Federal law.

Be careful with yours
Way of communicating.

Good manners and common sense are great
relevant when communicating on social media. Be honest, considerate, and polite.
Your active use of social media during a divorce should become an instrument of yours
Build your positive image. If you put something online during your divorce
Procedure, choose only positive and truthful information. Use a neutral tone
in all of your messages and comments, and refrain from direct insults to yours
Spouse. The court may consider harsh criticism and insulting statements
Tendency to aggression.

Keep that in mind even if you delete yours
Comments and contributions directly after their publication can still appear at the
the worst moment, because nothing disappears without a trace on the
Internet. After all, someone may already have taken a screenshot of your post
you deleted it. Be courteous when it comes to correspondence with your spouse
and don't let your feelings overcome your common sense.

Make sure your data is backed up.

With the advent of the digital age
Keeping things secret is getting harder and harder. Even if you have
With absolutely nothing to hide, you still need to protect the privacy of your data.
All information can be taken out of context and misinterpreted. That's why,
Minimize access as much as possible during the divorce proceedings.

First, change your passwords to
social network accounts and make them private, especially if your ex-spouse has
Access to one of them. Ask friends and family not to post information about you
on-line. And don't add new friends on Facebook or Instagram, especially if you
are not very familiar with them. One can be a fake account that you are from
Spouses, friends, or even a private investigator will monitor you to collect those
necessary information for use in court. When you need to send in confidence
Make sure information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

How to prevent social media damage
on your divorce case

One useful rule to remember is that it is
It's almost impossible to hide something once you've downloaded it on social media.
During a divorce, you must conduct yourself to provide for your future ex-spouse and not
their lawyer with anything they can use against you during the trial. Your
Social media activity can harm you in various circumstances that we have discussed

If you expect
receive financial assistance after divorce

in the
In the event of a divorce, one spouse may be given financial assistance from another if that is the case
is a clear need for it. Several factors are taken into account
is not that easy in reality. That is why it is important to be careful
with what you share and discuss with other people. If you recently had a
Divorce and social media is your second home, at least try to sit tight for one
while until it's all over.

The first mistake people make is bragging about shopping on their social network
Pages. For example, they discuss and post photos from their trip to an expensive one
Restaurant. This information will be useful to the ex-spouse's attorney
can use it to significantly reduce your financial assistance entitlements. And vice versa
vice versa, if you have established that your spouse has started a profitable business or
If you've bought an interest in a company, you can bring evidence to court and request it
more upkeep.

If you want
Win a custody battle

Divorce of a married couple with a minor
Children always raise one pretty painful question – which parent gets this
Children after separation. When spouses fail to make an amicable agreement
With regard to child custody, it is up to a judge to determine custody of the children

Your life on social media can be serious
damage your chances of obtaining custody of children. For example, it's better too
Do not share photos from parties and corporate events with alcoholics
Drinks in the frame. You can give your spouse's attorney an opportunity to make suggestions
You are unable to be a parent. As a result, the judge can
Grant custody to your ex-spouse because they are primarily responsible for it
Use in this process is to act in the best interests of a minor child.

If you want to improve your chances
It would be a good idea to win the custody battle and show it on social media
that you are a loving and responsible parent who often proclaims quality
Time with your child. Upload videos from your child's school holidays or sports
Events that you regularly attend. Your shared photos from the amusement park or
Attending children's shows will be a great addition. The child
A happily smiling face next to you could persuade the judge to rule in your favor.

When you have a new relationship
during the divorce process

Filing a divorce doesn't mean you
can do what you want. It primarily comes down to the situation when you
have a new romantic relationship. Technically you're still married, so yours
Spouse can accuse you of fraud. Lawyers usually don't recommend this
Dating until the client receives a divorce decree.

In the meantime, if you still don't feel
If you want to wait that long, at least try to be low key in your new relationship
social networks. Don't post photos with your date and convince them to do so
do the same. Ask your friends not to tag you in their photos. Do not go
romantic comments on your new friend's page. In other words, reduce your social
Media activity to a minimum. Don't give your spouse any information they can
use against you.


Social media can serve as a place for
Self-expression and relaxation, a source of positive emotions and useful
Experience. Nobody says you have to give that up during a divorce
Media room privileges. Just be careful with your actions and
Consider all the consequences they could have for your well-being after the divorce.


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