Ladies and gentlemen,

Overwhelmed with excitement, I am delighted to share something that has never been done before!

For over 3 months, more than 50 people Around the globe (professional translators, videographers, and affiliate marketers who acted as proofreaders) have had good spending over 700 hours to make this possible … a video course that makes affiliate marketing training accessible more than 4 billion People (or over 87% of the world's educated population).

In addition to English (the language of instruction), we have meticulously translated, transcribed and subtitled the course into 20 other languages: Chinese (spoken by 1.2 billion people), Hindi (approx. 500 million speakers) and Arabic (over 400 million speakers) Greek (approx. 13.5 native speakers) and Czech (approx. 11 million native speakers).

In addition to compiling the curriculum and the content of the video course and recording, I personally managed the entire process. Not many people know this, but I'm a linguist and translator by profession. It was an honor to finally apply my knowledge to something so big.

In addition to the number of native speakers of a particular language and the level of electronic commerce in each country, I also considered the prevalence of English. For example, regardless of the high maturity of e-commerce in the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway, you will not find any Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian translations of the course. The reason is simple: between 80% and 90% of the population in these countries speak English very well.

To really make affiliate marketing knowledge really accessible, I'm going to be making all of these 21 language versions of the video course available for free for 3 days (unfortunately Udemy allows me to only allow 10 free courses at a time; so I'll do the following 10 are for cyber Available for free on Monday. Happy Black Friday!

Just click the related links below, enjoy and help spread the word too !!

Multilingual Affiliate Marketing Video Course:


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