Bloggers fear losing 1, 2, or 5 subscribers.

Entire blogging campaigns seem to be stuck in cyber mud because they fear losing subscribers to email lists. Bloggers stop emailing their lists out of disgust. Other bloggers are desperate to delete their entire email list.

But why not have fun helping loyal, loving fans who:

  • Subscribe to your list?
  • Bookmark and follow your blog?
  • follow you on facebook
  • Do you follow on Twitter?

Loyal, loving fans will grow your blogging business. Have fun helping. Focus your attention and energy on these people. Ignore ideas like losing subscribers because where your attention and energy goes grows.

Update your list

I made a short video that explored this concept.

Check it out here:

Pay close attention to this shift. Most bloggers fall into the trap of fear of loss and celebration of opportunities to serve loyal fans who love what they do. Who is Boosting Your Blogging Profits? Loyal fans who love what you do. Who is driving your targeted blog traffic? Loyal fans who love what you do by returning to your blog and promoting your blog to like-minded people. The like-minded people become loyal fans.

As you help a growing number of fans, your blog community will grow into a loyal, supportive tribe that will expand your reach.

Can you understand why developing a successful blogging mindset is critical to your professional blogging career? How you think, feel and act determines your blogging journey. But if you think, feel, and act in fear of loss – lament the loss of subscribers – you will fight and fail.

Where your attention and energy goes grows.

Tips to help you focus on winning

When you focus on the concept of profit – by seeing what you have and whom you can help on a daily basis – you will feel good. Feeling good influences you to be generous, patient, and persistent. Success follow.

Ideas to focus on winning:

Mindfully enjoy helping people who love what you do. I feel good to serve you loyal readers. I don't think of someone who stops following me because I'm too busy helping people who follow me loyally, persistently, and patiently.

Study the pro-blogger mindset. Buy My eBook To Think Like A Successful Blogger. Immerse yourself in thinking, feeling, and acting like a professional blogger. Breaking down the pro-blogger mindset will show you how professionals focus on profit and loss. Professionals develop clarity, confidence, and poise enough to help loyal fans and not pay attention, energy, and fear to losing a subscriber or two.

Let go of the fear of loss by feeling it. Never pass over the fear of loss because what you resist grows. Feel disgust. Frustration and anger at the loss of a subscriber or five. But do not project the energy onto other people. Own it, feel it and erase it. Seeing and feeling gain seems to be best achieved by feeling and letting go of the fear of loss. Eye opening experience.

Every day you get an opportunity to help people who are having fun on your blog. Even if you don't have a reader now, you'll gain loyal fans simply by generously helping people through:

  • your blog
  • Guest Post
  • real blog comments
  • Promote other bloggers through social media
  • Promote other bloggers through your blog

Feel like a win, not a loss, generous, energetic, and persistent in building a solid foundation for your blogging campaign.

Fans who don't unsubscribe build empires

Any online or offline business empire enjoys the love, loyalty, and support of rabid fans. Virtually all of your energy goes into helping these people. Success.

Why are you interested in someone who unsubscribes from your list? Someone who doesn't follow what you offer won't grow your business anyway. Never take a stranger personally as tastes, preferences, and circumstances change. Keep your focus on having fun and helping people who love what you do.

Accelerate Your Blogging Success by Serving People Who Accelerate Your Blogging Success.

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