Alan Rabinowitz

In part one of my conversation with Alan Rabinowitz, we talked about his history in space and the nofollow link and whether Google is counting it. In the second part, Alan explains how to rank well in Google search and how to do online reputation management.

Content Value: He said it was very important to add value to your website and content. If you write a really good, solid post and then marketing that post is very important. He said that the "best" types of stories and plays work very well.

Local Quotes: When it comes to local search; Make sure you have good quotes. But don't overdo the quotes like you are not overdoing the SEO.

On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is important and it is important to understand what people are looking for and what keywords and clicks they are converting.

Conversion & UX: Conversions are important and the people who act on your website are also very important. A good user experience on your website is important. It's not about design, it's about how users are directed through your site and how users behave on your site.

Online reputation management in search:

Then we talked about online reputation management and how to deal with sensitive topics. You need to understand both the good and the negative side of the story. So you must have the bad terms, not just the good ones, when doing ORM. It's true, people are looking for the brand name followed by a negative keyword and you need to own those search results.

You always need to keep track of things and keep reaching out to your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews now. Be proactive about your reputation management in the real world with customer service. And these efforts will help you with your online reputation management.

The interesting thing is that he feels that people trust reviews online less and less.

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