The epidemiological data of outpatient ED patients in 11 Chinese cities cited in the report “Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction” made by Professor Wang Xiaofeng of Peking University People’s Hospital at the Fifth China Andrology Forum showed that: Male ED (erectile dysfunction) in mainland China The total prevalence rate has reached 26.1% cant stay erect during intercourse, and the prevalence rate for people over 40 years old is 40.2%, while the patient seeking treatment rate is only 17%. And sexual self-confidence, healthy sexual pride and sexual self-esteem have been included in the new goals of ED treatment.

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Zhang Guoxi, deputy chief physician of the Department of Andrology, Peking University People’s Hospital, said that some drugs may also cause failure. For example, drugs to treat the prostate (sometimes also used to treat hair loss). Because of its anti-androgen effect, some people will have poor erection after taking it; other drugs such as anti-anxiety and depression drugs, sedatives. If you take antidepressants, if you have poor erection extenze plus male enhancement 5 ea, it is recommended to adjust the medication to trazodone, which may benefit. Antihypertensive drugs can lower blood pressure and lower penile perfusion pressure, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the penile arteries, leading to impotence.

Diabetics are prone to ED

According to Dou Jingtao, Department of Endocrinology, General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, 40% to 60% of diabetic patients are accompanied by varying degrees of decline in sexual function. Among them, men have erectile dysfunction (ED). Therefore the latest male enhancement pills, while adhering to the treatment of blood sugar and blood pressure, diabetic ED patients should also actively prevent and treat ED. They can take some drugs to adjust autonomic nerve function and improve the body’s microcirculation. It is best to go to a specialist doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

Asexual can also suffer from ED

Many people believe that ED is a disease of people who have sex. Without a sexual partner and sex life, there is no problem with ED. In the outpatient clinic, people often ask: I don’t have sex, but I feel that my penile erection is not good. Do I need treatment? Clinical observations show that if there is no sex for more than three months and no satisfactory erection, it may lead to male erectile function decline. The cavernous body of the penis shrinks, leading to ED. We call it “asexual ED”. Patients not only affect their normal life such as marriage and love, but also aggravate the ED condition indications for viagra.

Excessive cycling increases the risk of ED

Some studies compare two groups of data from cycling and non-cycling. The results show that after excluding factors such as age, smoking, depression, chronic diseases, physical status, etc., cycling for more than 3 hours a week is an independent risk factor for ED If it is less than 3 hours, it has nothing to do with ED. The reason may be that moderate cycling exercises the cardiovascular system and protects erectile function.

Health Times special expert Ma Xiaonian said that the easiest way to avoid the pressure on the perineal tissues of the narrow car seat is to tilt the front end of the car seat downward by 10 degrees, and the pressure on the front end will be reduced by 44% compared with the horizontal position, so that the male perineum will bear The pressure will be greatly reduced doggie erectile dysfunction. In addition, the cycling time should be controlled as much as possible, and the cycling time should be 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Severe anemia or ED

Anemia has many effects on sexual function. For example, in anemia, the red blood cells in the blood decrease and the concentration of hemoglobin decreases, and its oxygen-carrying capacity will be weakened, resulting in a decrease in the supply of oxygen in tissues and cells, and the function of sexual organs will naturally be abnormal. , Severe anemia can cause impotence (ED), premature ejaculation, decreased sexual desire and other performance decline.

Health self-test: Are you ED?

In the past 3 months:

1. How much confidence do you have in obtaining and maintaining an erection?

None (0 points); very low (1 points); erectile dysfunction age range low (2 points); medium (3 points); high (4 points); very high (5 points)

2. After sexual stimulation, how many times can the penis enter a woman’s private parts firmly?

Did not attempt sexual intercourse (0 points); almost no or not at all (1 points); rarely, several times (2 points); sometimes medium (3 points); most of the time high (4 points); almost always or always very High (5 points)

3. After sexual intercourse, how many times can I keep my penis erect after entering the vagina?

Did not attempt sexual intercourse (0 points); almost none (1 points); rarely, several times (2 points); sometimes (3 points); most of the time (4 points); almost always or always (5 points)

4. How difficult is it to maintain an erection until the end of intercourse?

Did not attempt sexual intercourse (0 points); very difficult (1 points); very difficult (2 points); difficult (3 points); a little difficult (4 points); no difficulty (5 points)

5. How many times do you feel satisfied when you try to have sex?

Did not attempt sexual intercourse (0 points); almost no or no (1 points); only a few times (2 points); sometimes (3 points); most of the time (4 points); almost always or always (5 points)

5 to 7 are divided into severe ED; 8 to 11 are divided into moderate ED imperial male enhancement; 12 to 21 are divided into mild ED; 22 to 25 points are not suffering from ED.

If self-assessed as mild ED, and the symptoms are more than three months old, further examination and treatment are required. (Comprehensive from Health Times)erectile-dysfunction-18-years-old


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