Twitter was one of the first social media platforms I've ever joined, but it wasn't nearly as chic as it is today. Now there are a variety of features that can take your e-commerce business to the next level.

According to Twitter, users are 2.7 times more likely to buy a product after seeing it on the platform. Partners with influencers and this purchase intent increases 5.2 times! Of course, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool for your company, regardless of whether you are new to the platform or growing steadily.

Without further ado, let's go through some strategies and examples to perfect your Twitter presence

Twitter ecommerce marketing strategies

1. Design an eye-catching profile.

At the beginning, your Twitter profile should be optimized to leave a good first impression and ultimately generate sales. To do this, you need uniform branding in your profile layout. This means that your cover picture and profile picture should be complementary and visually appealing.

The profile picture is likely a picture of your logo or something that represents your company, while the cover picture continues to communicate your brand, mission or message.

As for your biography, this section is like your company's elevator section. Think of this section as another opportunity to spark interest in those who come across your profile. For a more targeted approach, you can use keywords relevant to your company here. Also, don't forget to add a link to your ecommerce website so people know where to find your products!

Finally, you can use the pinned tweets feature to keep a tweet at the top of your profile. This feature is great for highlighting a message or promoting new products.

Here's an example of a well-optimized Twitter profile from Away, a travel and luggage e-commerce company:

Twitter e-commerce marketing strategy with the striking profile of awaysource

2. Get involved with your fan base.

The great thing about Twitter is that it's suitable for 24/7 interactions and constant activity, while very often posting brands on platforms like Instagram and Facebook feels insincere and spam-like.

This advantage means that you should always interact with your followers and fans. Pay attention to your mentions (including tweets) @your username) and respond to them. You can also retweet and favor mentions to nod these users.

Another way to get in touch with your fan base is to send interactive tweets. Perfect for this are question prompts or Twitter polls, tweets where you can create polls and see instant results.

You can ask about topics related to your product or entertaining topics relevant to your industry. Surveys are also another way of gathering opinions. So there is some bonus market research! Here's an example of a survey Old Spice included in one of their tweets:

Are you ultra smooth or #SmellLikeYourOwnManMan after hours

– Old Spice (@OldSpice) January 23, 2020

3. Grow your following.

In addition to your existing followers, it is also important to increase your audience in order to increase your brand awareness and attract more customers to your e-commerce shop. From a technical point of view, you can also spread your content with more followers and inform more quickly what you are selling.

Gain new attention by participating in Twitter conversations that are relevant to your company. A strategic way to participate in the conversation on a large scale is to use Twitter hashtags. Trendy hashtags in your tweets open up a completely new network of people who may be interested in your offers.

On a smaller scale, you can reach new users by using Twitter's search function to find keywords that are relevant to your e-commerce business. You will find conversations and questions about these keywords in which you can offer added value. This can cause someone to tap your profile and follow you in return. You can do this exercise yourself, but here are some social listening tools to lend a hand.

To confirm new followers, set up your account with automated direct messages that send new followers a custom message. Your message should be friendly, welcoming, and thankful for the new followers. An automated DM that feels sincere can start a relationship and advance a potential customer along the way of their buyer.

4. Plan your content.

The more active you are on Twitter, the better. Ongoing activities strengthen your brand reputation and keep your business in mind for potential customers, provided your tweets are meaningful and appeal to the audience. You can use a social media management tool to maintain your presence by planning your posts in advance.

There are also optimal publishing times on Twitter that you can use when planning your content. B2C companies have higher click-through rates on weekends, while B2B companies have more success on weekdays. B2C companies also find the best times for publication on the day between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., between 12 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Planning your content is also a great way to plan special events such as holidays and cultural events in advance. Taking part in conversations on these topics is another way to promote your e-commerce business. So think in advance about how you want to design your message.

Planning your content can make your workflow more efficient, but it doesn't mean you can only plan and forget. Twitter is a platform that is very concerned with the here and now, as news and trend topics change hour by hour. A mix of scheduled posts and live tweets is a perfect combination to raise awareness.

5. Make the most of Twitter ads.

Depending on the destination, Twitter offers a variety of ads. For e-commerce, the best types of ads are awareness and Website click campaigns that promote your brand or generate conversions.

You’ll be charged 1,000 impressions for awareness ads and each click for website ads for website ads. You can also use remarketing in your ads to target people who resemble those who have visited your website.

There are several tips to consider when creating ads to get the best performance. Twitter users long for short and sweet content. So keep your ads precise and to the point. You also want to make sure that your ad copy is friendly, human, and accessible to match the Twitter conversation atmosphere.

In addition to text, graphics are also a helpful tool, since pictures and videos can speak louder than words. They can also be a great way to give your audience a better context. Here is an example from Daily Harvest for a website click campaign that lets you see how all of these features complement each other in an effective Twitter ad:

Skip shopping, chopping, and preparing and fill your freezer with delicious, good-for-you foods based on organic fruits and vegetables. Delivered and finished in a few minutes.
☑️ $ 25 off your first order
☑️Dairy-free and gluten-free

– Daily Harvest (@DlyHarvest) May 6, 2020

For step-by-step instructions on setting up Twitter ads, see our simple guide.

Examples of Twitter e-commerce marketing

1. Alexa

With 1.1 million followers, Alexa from Amazon is a fan favorite on Twitter for his funny and talkative tweets. A look at Alexa's profile can give a good impression of the personality of the account.

Example of Twitter e-commerce marketing - Alexasource

To break it down, the branding of this account worked well because the biography is written in such a human tone and is comparable to someone else's typical Twitter biography. In addition, the Twitter handle @ alexa99 corresponds to the average Twitter user handle, which makes the account much more reliable.

Alexa is also no stranger to sending surveys and asking for prompts to engage with her fans. The prompts are also personal and carefree, so users who want to share their opinions are happy to do so and feel part of the conversation.

┃┃╱╲ in
┃╱╱╲╲ that
╱╱╭╮╲╲ house
▔▏┗┛▕▔ we
Dance when Alexa plays music
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

What song do you ask DJ Alexa to play? 💬🎤

– Alexa (@ alexa99), May 14, 2020

2. Zappos

Example of Twitter e-commerce marketing - Zappossource

Zappos is known for its phenomenal customer service, which is surely transferred to Twitter. Zappos' Twitter account managers focus on social listening almost every hour and respond to their mentions or relevant tweets. This way they can win new fans and continue to impress loyal followers.

Below is an example of how Zappos uses social listening:

We'll tell you a secret … Santa Claus works for us in summer because he's bored. *DO

– (@Zappos), June 22, 2020

Although Zappos was not directly mentioned with an “@”, they were still quick to provide a solution for the potential customer. Zappos also put the cherry on top by providing a direct link to solving the customer problem, speeding up the customer's buying process and standing out from its competitors.

Above you can see another example of how Zappos stays in touch with customers. They answered in a funny way and also tweeted the mention of the customer. It may be easier to leave a satisfied customer, but why not join the party and celebrate their satisfaction with them?

3. Warby Parker

Example of Twitter ecommerce marketing - Warby Parkersource

In addition to celebrating customers, it's important to show customers your values ​​and support for them. Given the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, Warby Parker has used Twitter to demonstrate her stance through words and deeds.

– Warby Parker (@WarbyParker), June 13, 2020

The above shows Warby Parker's statement about the Black Lives Matter movement. The company not only shows solidarity, it also goes beyond performative activism by sharing what measures it will take to address the problem.

As a company with influence and power, their loyalty and support for anti-racism speaks volumes to their target group and has the potential to dramatically improve their customer and employee relationships.

4. Fifty beauty

Example of Twitter e-commerce marketing - a lot of beautysource

Fenty Beauty differs right from the start by using a hashtag in its biography. This makes it easier to find the brand for people looking for cruelty-free beauty products on the platform. However, if you include hashtags in your Twitter biography, one is enough. Try not to flood your description with hashtags as this can be off-putting.

What the Fenty Beauty Twitter account does well when selling beauty and cosmetic products is the presentation of real use cases of its collection that other customers can refer to.

@ rihanna is back and she shows us how to make her lips look juicy with our new, uncomplicated #SLIPSHINE Sheer Shiny Lipsticks

Check it now at 💻

– Fenty Beauty (@fentybeauty) June 21, 2020

In the example above, Rihanna, founder of Fenty Beauty, shows a quick demo of one of the company's lipsticks. This video is an effective way to target people who may be looking for similar products. In addition, video content on Twitter is a useful tool to break through the text-based platform and attract the attention of potential customers.

For your e-commerce business, consider how your tweets can show your audience why they should care about your product. This can be done in the form of video demonstrations or in the form of a before-after comparison.

5. Tough

Example of Twitter e-commerce marketing - toughsource

Chewy is an online one-stop shop for all pet needs, from puppies to lizards. Chewy's Twitter account lives up to its motto and brings together pet owners of all kinds. Pet owners tweet about the account, and much like the previous accounts we've checked, Chewy replies in a way that feels personal. Here's an example of what I mean:

Hey Teri, we're always here to help you with anything you need. Losing a furbaby is never easy, but we hope that the memories you have built together over the years can continue to bring comfort and warmth to your heart. We will continue to be there for you. ❤️

– Chewy (@Chewy), June 24, 2020

In this customer interaction, Chewy was able to offer a solution and at the same time show empathy that customers often long for in companies.

Chewy also uses the big Twitter followers to promote its blog posts, which provide helpful information for the different types of pet owners, including their target audience. Their findings are relevant, valuable and prove how much the company cares for pets and parents.

While we all wish the afternoons to return to the dog park, it is important to facilitate the reintegration of your pet into the outside world.

We hope you will continue to find moments of comfort with your pet.

– Chewy (@Chewy), May 23, 2020

Phew! That gives you a lot to think about. If you want more examples of successful Twitter accounts, you can find information here. Ultimately, Twitter is a top social media platform that can bring your business values ​​and mission to life.

It's also a powerful marketing tool that helps you adjust to your audience, build relationships with your followers, and increase sales. For more information on how to increase brand awareness and increase sales on Twitter, see our Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing.

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