Marie Forleo is someone I looked up to for a very long time. We met a few years ago at a Pencils of Promise gala. She is just as friendly and engaging as she is on her popular YouTube channel and website. She helps women (mainly) to start successful businesses. She is the founder of B-School, an amazing program that many of you may have heard of or even completed. I know one of the greats has Amy Porterfield!

Marie Forleo will find out everything

I haven't visited B-School myself, but I've interacted with Marie's videos and website content and dealt with her personally. I love her style, her personality, and I was thrilled to learn about her new book. I personally asked her for a galley copy early on before takeoff so I could read it and possibly introduce it here at this book club! I'm excited because the book is amazing.

Based on the title "Everything is Findable" (Amazon Link; Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I am getting compensation for shopping through this link.) I knew there would be some elements to tackle belief and mindset because I know experience, as you probably know, it is what happens from the neck up that really determines most of our results. If you don't think something can happen, it probably won't. I really love the way Marie takes this idea up. It breaks out the belief that there are five different components that help us understand why we believe things are the way they are:

  1. Surroundings
  2. Experience
  3. proofs
  4. Examples
  5. Imagine

She goes into detail about each of these categories, and each one is spot on. Then she hits us hard:

"All beliefs are a choice and decisions can be changed."

When broken down this way, the truth is easier to get at, and it's easy to ponder our fears, where they come from, and how we can often choose to get out of that fear and learn from it. I fully support Marie's mantra that fear is your soul's GPS – that's where you should go. Marie has this amazing way of both inspiring by examples and giving you the concrete steps to take.

For example, at the end of each chapter you will find “Insight into the Action Challenge,” short questions, and exercises that you can perform to help you through this particular challenge.

Although much of the book is about topics we've heard and read about before, Marie's superpower is the way she encourages us to take action and really believe in ourselves. There are also success stories from their audience throughout the book which are a nice supportive touch.

Reading Everything Is Figureoutable (Amazon link) is like receiving a huge, personalized letter from Marie. With her caliber, experience, and knowledge of why she does what she does, this is very welcome news and I am glad you received it. (Full Disclosure: As an Affiliate, I am getting compensation when you shop through this link.)

Buy the book on Amazon


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