Amazon has rolled out many important updates over the past 12 months. One of them is sponsored display ads. Now that Amazon has opened this type of ad to sellers as well, it's important to understand what potential it holds for advertisers.

With this new type of campaign, you can create fully-funneled self-serving ads on and off Amazon to target specific audiences. It's a quick and easy-to-use remarketing practice that gives you a variety of targeting options to choose from.

It is available to professional sellers who are registered in the Amazon brand registry, vendors and agencies with customers selling products on Amazon. The marketplaces previously covered by this type of ad are:

  • In North America: USA and Canada
  • In Europe: France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK
  • In the Middle East: UAE
  • In Asia Pacific: India and Japan

Available placements for this type of ad:

Here is a diagram to help simplify the campaign structure with available targeting methods:

Targeting diagram for Amazon display campaigns

Audience targeting for Amazon Display Campaign

Serves all business goals from product awareness to consideration to conversion. Available on and off Amazon and helps identify audiences who should be targeted based on their previous activities on your or similar product pages. It can be thought of as an advanced refinement with funnel orientation options available.

1. Search:

The target audience are customers who have searched for keywords relevant to your products in the past 30 days but have not made a purchase.

  • On & off platform
  • CPM based
  • Provide both manual and automatic targeting methods
  • Provides estimated daily impressions and reach after adding a product to the ad group.
  • Available to both vendors and sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry


The target group are buyers who have viewed detail pages of your advertised products or similar products and have not made a purchase.

The Views target group enables the seller to win over customers again who have already viewed their product detail pages or similar product detail pages.

  • Entirely outside the platform
  • CPC based
  • Also suggests products to display ads based on the last 28 days of traffic to these product pages.
  • The Views tactic allows you to create multiple ad groups within a campaign
  • Available to both vendors and sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry

3. Interests:

The target group are customers who have browsed or visited the detail page of products in the last 90 days that fall into a specific interest segment.

  • On & off platform
  • CPC based
  • Available to providers only

4. Purchases:

The target group are buyers who have bought previously advertised products, but not in the last 365 days.

  • Off platform
  • CPC based
  • Available to both vendors and sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry
  • Only ideal for frequently purchased items like groceries and other household products that come with Amazon's new subscription and storage option. don't even buy products.

Product targeting

This is very similar to the Sponsored Manual ad – Product Targeting option. The only difference is the placement and the copy of the ad. It allows targeting to similar or complementary products along with the overall category targeting option.

Targeting details:

Comparison table for Amazon display ads


  • The minimum amount is $ 1
  • The ad theme uses multiple features such as customer reviews, star ratings, badges, product price, and prime shipping when available.


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