Some marketers mistakenly believe that CRO consists of quick fixes designed to subtly sell sales. However, there are some small changes in the CRO area that can lead to significant differences in the performance of your sales funnel. However, it is worth noting that many of these changes may require a thorough investigation before taking any action.

CRO requires more analysis and research than other marketing strategies. It is impossible to optimize your attractiveness on site if you do not know which information will help customers to decide on purchases.

Some marketers see SEO and CRO as something interchangeable when it comes to promoting conversions. While SEO and CRO certainly have some philosophical nuances in common, SEO focuses on driving traffic to your website while CRO picks up that traffic and turns it into sales.

With CRO techniques, it is possible to assign much more value to every visitor you attract through SEO strategies. Instead of recording each arrival as a welcome click, they could be identified as real potential customers with the right mix of UX and CRO approaches.

CRO can also help companies stay one step ahead of their more SEO-oriented competitors. With the right marketing, the quality of traffic you get could far outnumber your competitors' visitors.

Trident built from knowledge

Successful SEO, UX and CRO tridents are based on knowledge and a lot of research. There's no point in running A / B tests on your pages or rating certain keywords if you don't know your audience or know what they like.

Successful marketing requires measured measures regarding the brand's USP, optimized call-to-actions and the responsiveness of the website. If you can't correctly map a visitor's path from discovering your website to buying it on your pages, you haven't done the right research.

Optimize your processes by collecting information from various sources, including technical audits, user behavior analysis, data analysis and extensive tests. Create a measurement plan to confirm your findings and act accordingly.

Basically your goal as a marketer is to create the best website that is visible online thanks to seductive content. When users get to your pages, it is up to your CRO strategy to ensure that their next navigation is targeted to a conversion and not removed from your website.

Work for conversions

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to converting your website. SEO, UX, and CRO form a reliable trident, but their successful application depends on the type of business a website wants to attract.

The strategies can vary depending on whether you are looking for online sales, software downloads, B2B customers or mailing list recipients. Always pay attention to the needs of your visitors and avoid making assumptions about what they want to see and read about your company.

If you use your trident successfully, you can pave the way for a steady flow of sales that you can rely on for long periods of time. A constant review is required. However, if your website is made visible through an effective SEO strategy, UX and CRO can ensure that conversions continue to flow over time.


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