July 23, 2020


SMW employees


Crowdcentric Media, owner and operator of Social Media Week, announces the launch of SMW +, a live and on-demand video streaming service for marketers designed to help marketers advance their careers and brands.

SMW + offers live programs led by some of the world's greatest thought leaders, innovators, and marketing professionals to help marketers like you advance your career, achieve your goals, and become the smartest, most connected, professional in the room.

To begin with, we're excited to partner with a number of incredible moderators whose programs include content organized by novelty, popularity, and category that can be filtered to create a personalized experience. The SMW + recommendation engine also provides members with content based on the sessions they previously attended.

Meet our moderators

Members have access to programs and meetings led by Orchid Bertelsen, Head of Digital Innovation at Nestling Who will unpack ways to identify opportunities and drive innovative change within organizations?The intrapreneurial mindset," and Joe Wadlington, Global Creative Lead at Twitter Who will teach you how to become a better and more creative short text writer? Sabena Gupta from Alexa at Amazon will lead a session that focuses on targeted and value-based marketing and how organizations can create meaningful goals today and beyond. Also, Randa Stephan, Brand manager at Weber Shandwick will lead a Media IQ program that helps leaders control the disruptive forces that affect media, culture, and technology.

Ben Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer of BBH LA and his team will share the latest trends from their lab, Raashi Rosenberger, who is a member of Google’s Consumer Apps brand marketing team, will host a program that combines neuroscience with storytelling, and Mario Moreno, the marketing manager at HM will host a series that will take you on a journey of discovery in collaboration with creators and influencers.

The SMW + platform is proud to launch with an incredible number of leading experts, including Kenny Gold, Head of Social Affairs for Gray Who will host the show? "The comment area, “Which will address the latest industry news and emerging trends through a debate format, Will CadyReddit's Head of Brand Strategy will host a series on how to find your purpose through community and Selena Hill from Black company will guide SMW + members through a process to understand that the Black Lives Matter movement is not a moment for marketing – it is a moment for change. Katie Perry, VP of Marketing at Public.com, will host TIL (“I learned today“) A weekly series that covers key marketing tactics and shows you how to improve your game with just a few actionable tips.

The programs will be launched in the coming weeks and months and also include one of Dan Gardner, the CEO of Code and theory who will host "Decrypted"A show that looks at five industries and shows the way they are disturbed by the current moment we are in. In the"You know what I meanMarcus CollinsThe lecturer in marketing at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan will aim to address some of the latest trends and uncover their meaning through the lens of people with a finger on the pulse of culture – college students. Sub Rosa CEO and founder Michael Ventura will lead a series entitled "Contextualized" that uses proprietary Empath technology to help us understand the unique stories that are hiding beneath the surface on social media today. "Beats, bytes and brands"organized by New Agency’S Jesse Kirshbaum I will delve into the music industry and investigate why this aspect of culture is critical for brands and marketers today.

Finally, SMW + is also happy to host a series Mathew Sweezey, the author of The Context Marketing Revolution and Head of Insights at Foreclosurethat deal with the near and not too distant future trends that influence consumer behavior, marketing strategy and the media.

Why SMW +?

"The accelerated switch to remote learning and networking has given us a new opportunity to deliver on our promise to provide marketers with the tools and training they need to advance their careers," he said Toby Daniels, CEO of Crowdcentric. "SMW + extends the conference format of Social Media Week in a way that gives our community more flexibility and a wider range of content."

"We are proud to be part of the launch of SMW + and to share insights from our global Media Genius work," said Chief Innovation Officer of Weber Shandwick, Chris Perry. “We are experiencing a moment of media reset – a moment marked by new formats, sources and cultural symbols and accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic. It has never been so important to improve our collective understanding of the changing landscape. "

Activate your free trial

SMW + will be available to subscribers and company members. Live programming will officially start on August 4th. Subscriber benefits include access to live programming, the on-demand library, and the ability to connect with thousands of other digital marketers. Subscriptions start at $ 39 a month.

SMW + will be available for a free one-month trial from August 4th. Subscriptions start at $ 39 a month. To learn more and request an invitation, visit smw.plus and follow @smwplus on Twitter and Instagram.


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