Come on one, come on all for the hottest ticket in virtual! We'll pack up the MozCon Big Top and bring all of the MozCon magic right to your front door.

Last year we brought MozCon to the virtual stage for the first time and we loved it so much we're doing it again! Only this time, we're taking it to the next level with exclusive appearances from world-renowned local SEO jugglers, automation acrobats, link building magicians, and much more!

We know SEO doesn't stop there – searchers keep searching and marketers need to stay on their toes to meet their needs. (Cue the tightrope walkers!)

Join Ringmaster Roger and marketing experts from all over the world for three days with presentations on SEO, search engine marketing, mobile, conversion optimization, local search and much more – all from the comfort of your home.

Not a typical marketing conference


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Birds of a Feather Network Groups

Who doesn't like making new friends and having lively discussions? After all, a big part of the conference experience is making new connections and reconnecting with older ones. Birds of a Feather at MozCon are focused, but unstructured, peer discussion groups that address issues that matter to today's digital marketers. Grab a snack or a drink and network with new friends! The topics vary every day at the conference and offer something for everyone.

Tickets start at $ 129 for Moz customers

Going Virtual Means Affordability! If you're a Moz customer, you can get your ticket for just $ 129. The tickets include access to the virtual video package after MozCon is completed.

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First agenda

Time to pull back the curtains and reveal the exciting acts we have planned. Let's bring out our MozCon virtual stars!

Amanda Milligan

Marketing Manager | Fractl
A live guide to finding and filling in the gaps in your link strategy

Is your link portfolio strong enough to withstand whatever Google and your competitors throw at you? If you focus on acquisition and ignore strategy, it can result in a bunch of weak backlinks that aren't relevant – and won't move the needle. Competitive analysis is your key to finding and filling the gaps in your link building strategy. I'll walk you through the process from start to finish.

Areej AbuAli

SEO consultant
Taking responsibility for your indexability: How to optimize and prioritize your technical work

Take responsibility for the indexability of your website! Focusing on aggregators and classifieds, Areej will provide advice on how best to reduce index bloat for large websites. We'll look at parameter handling, sitemap logic, robot instructions, and much more, assessing how to analyze key changes, how to opt out of high-level stakeholders, and how to prioritize work with product teams.

Brie E Anderson

Owner, founder | BEAST Analytics
The Value of Perspective: A Use Case for External Audits

Do you remember your client's call? The one they wanted to talk to you about a "free audit" that another agency did for them? Let us talk about it. In this session we will uncover the value of audits and how they can (and should) be performed with integrity. It's time to take back the value of perspective!

Britney Muller

Serial Entrepreneur + Data Science Student | Data Sci 101
The cold, hard truth about CTR

Reporting on website performance is an essential part of search engine optimization, but not all metrics are created equal. If you think your CTR metrics tell the whole story, think again. Create more insightful reporting methods with data science. In this session, Britney will show you how to eliminate your reporting problems and easily find out why your website's performance has changed.

Casie Gillette

Senior Director, Digital Marketing | Co-marketing
Counterintuitive content: How new trends have disrupted years of bad advice

In addition to the ever-changing landscape, one of the biggest problems that we as marketers struggle with is the sheer volume of information. For years we've been told we need to produce as much content as possible. Then we were told to focus on quality, but we still had to have a consistent schedule. What about YouTube or voice search or TikTok? The fact is, there is no way to do content marketing. In this session, we're going to look at content from a completely different perspective and talk about how you can create content on your own terms.

Cyrus Shepard

SEO consultant | Moz
Mastering 3 click + engagement signals for higher rankings / traffic

Successful websites are all different, but almost all Google-ranked websites succeed in exactly the same basic way. In our quest to optimize key web vitalities, mobile-first indexing and JavaScript rendering, have we lost sight of the content and user experience that dominate the top of Google search results? In this presentation, Cyrus examines the three Google click and engagement signals that dominate high-ranking websites: clicks, long clicks, and last clicks. Using examples and test results, he shows how every website – and SEOs of all levels of difficulty – can use these signals for improved Google traffic.

Dana DiTomaso

President & Partner | Kick point
Build for Search: Modern web developer who puts SEO first

With the debut of Core Web Vitals, modern SEO is more relevant to website development than ever. Sure, we've always thought about title tags and making sure our pages would convert – but the real basics of a website may have been left to your web development team, and possibly to that one technical search engine optimization team. They're likely very skilled people, but the chances that they'll ponder how development decisions will affect SEO are usually slim. Let's modernize the relationship between the web development process and SEO.

Flavilla Fongang

Founder & Creative Brand Strategist | 3 colors rule
The Science of Buying Behavior: How to Use It Effectively to Attract and Bring More Prospects to Customers

Some brands have made the dream come true: a large audience that believes in them and keeps buying from them without questioning the value or authenticity of the products and services. And they did it by creating an emotional connection with that audience. These days, it's more about building a community around your brand than just having customers. We'll explore the power of brand psychology used by big, successful brands like Apple or Starbucks to attract long-term loyal customers.

Jackie Chu

SEO Lead, Intelligence | Over
Internationalization Mistake: How To Go Global Without Losing All Of Your Traffic

Internationalization is a major contributor to multinational corporation technical SEO debt. We're going to talk about common internationalization mistakes and how to avoid them so you can gain visibility and grow everywhere.

Joy Hawkins

Owner | Sterling Sky Inc.
To post or not to post: What we learned from analyzing over 1,000 Google posts

What is the value of Google Posts and how should the average SMB prioritize them? Dive into the data from two studies conducted by Sterling Sky to answer these questions.

The first study analyzes over 1,000 Google Posts to determine which types are performing better based on clicks and conversions. It also measures the effects of various features like photos, emojis, titles, and more. The second part examines whether posting on Google has an impact on where your company is in the local package. With the results of both, you can reevaluate your customers' Google posting strategy!

Joyce Collarde

SEO supervisor | Obility
Maximize your conversions: Use full funnel optimization for B2B success

The long sales cycles in the B2B area present visitors with unique challenges and desire them to be coveted users. Success requires a strategic approach that goes beyond the landing page and encompasses your entire website. This session will introduce three best practices that you can use to increase your conversion rate and get more business.

Cameron Jenkins

Content Lead | Shopify
The content update: how to do more with less

No matter where you work, it seems we all have a shortage of … time. When you combine this with ambitious traffic KPIs, you will quickly find that a 100% new content strategy is not sustainable. Enter the content update. Learn how to identify and execute the best update opportunities so you can rank faster and increase your existing content ROI.

Lily Ray

Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research | Interactive path
From the Medic Update to Now: How the E-A-T Ecosystem Changed Organic Search

Learn why EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) has pioneered the SEO discussions over the past several years, in the numerous places Google has focused on EAT, and how the increasing emphasis on the emergence of authoritative content has replaced the organic The search landscape has changed dramatically in Search, News, Discover, YouTube, and more.

Luke Carthy

E-commerce consultant
The ultimate how-to for faceted navigation SEO in e-commerce

One of the biggest FAQs in e-commerce: "How do you deal with faceted navigation when it comes to SEO?"

We'll ask the tough questions and answer them right away! Walk through case studies, real-world examples, and how you can leverage faceted navigation with Luke to really take advantage of long-tail, high-converting keywords. If your into ecommerce you don't want to miss this!

Miracle Inameti-Archibong

Head of SEO | Learned agency
Let the API do the work: Leverage natural language for more productive SEO

Keyword research is an important process for gaining insights into your consumer behavior. However, it is often a very manual and labor intensive process. How can we speed up the process so that we can work on our implementations and get results? Miracle goes through practical ways marketers can use APIs to do the heavy lifting and save time.

Noah Learner

Product Director | October two
Game-changing ways to use the Google Search Console API

Let's face it, you are not getting what you expect from your keyword data. Unlock your latest SEO secret weapon by delving deep into the power of the Google Search Console API. This groundbreaking tool will help you crush the competition, sell SEO to your team, and bring in prospects with deep SEO insights that you had no idea were available.

Dr. Pete Meyers

Marketing Scientist | Moz
Dominate your rivals: from dates to actions

Most competitive research ends up in an avalanche of potential keywords you target and leaves you buried in indecision. Real case studies show you how to turn your data into an actionable plan that drives strategic, targeted content. Escape from under the stack of keywords and conquer your content rivals.

Rob Ousbey

VP strategy | Moz
Beyond the Basics: 5 SEO Tricks to Uncover Advanced Insights From Your SEO Data

Modern SEOs are not short of data, but you could learn MORE about your website, content, links, and competitors by working smarter, not harder. Rob shows you how to breathe new life into your standard SEO data and get advanced insights that will impress your team (and your boss!).

Ross Simmonds

Founder, Managing Director | Foundation Marketing
Why Marketers Should Think More Like Investors to Get Content Results

Every single piece of content your brand creates is an asset. Why do we consider it an expense? In this session, Ross will talk about the parallels between content marketing / SEO and the world of investing. Learn how an investment mindset can produce results, from the techniques used to take blog posts and landing pages to the moon to the basics of investing in content to gain a competitive advantage.

Shannon McGuirk

Client Services and Delivery Director | Aira
Doing the perfect (im) possible: debunking digital PR and link building myths in 2021

"You'd better get this campaign in the press before 9am and definitely not on a Friday or Monday!"
"Link relevance is important if you're a link builder, but if you're a digital PR it doesn't matter."
"They are demanding the impossible to get links to category and product pages."

Tired of hearing bold claims and questions like these? We are too.

Shannon will challenge many of the digital PR and link building myths discussed on Twitter. From the old classic myths that stand the test of time and are always asked to, to new beliefs that are hot topics, she will use data, evidence, and case studies to show you how to handle some of these beliefs and yours May improve connection building and digital PR efforts in 2021.

Tom Capper

Senior Search Scientist | Moz
The Fast & The Spurious: Core Web Vitals & SEO

Core Web Vitals are all the rage, but are they living up to the hype? Tom explores the real SEO impact of the shiny new Google metrics you really need to worry about and how to prioritize fixes.

Wil Reynolds

Founder & Vice President for Innovation | Seer Interactive
The 3 most important search engine marketing tools … your heart, your brain and your (small) ego

Search is a ranked game. Only one can win first place and small improvements can mean the difference between rank 1 and place 5. What competitive advantage do you have by using the same tools as everyone else? Wil shows you how to turn your data into profitable insights using three tools everyone has on hand: your heart, your head, and a willingness to question anything you thought was true.

We hope to see your smiling faces online in July!

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