Anthony Church

Anthony Church is the VP of Customer Service for Interact Marketing and he and his boss came out to be on the vlog. I interviewed them individually. We also both went to the same university, City University of New York's Baruch College. He has been in the SEO and marketing industry for about 12 years.

Importance of conversion tracking:

We started our conversation about conversion tracking. He said most people don't focus enough on conversion tracking and that is important. Unfortunately, most people and companies don't keep track of things completely or at all. Without proper tracking and analysis, you won't know if your campaigns are working or not. If a customer is affected by a Google update and is losing traffic but their conversions stay the same or increase, that is really a loss.

How to set up conversion tracking:

Anthony said the first step is to identify a conversion. What is a conversion for you? Is it an order, a contact, a call, a download, etc. When you're in Google Analytics, you set goals. The goals can be specific landing pages that are triggered in Google Analytics as goal achievement. Make sure you assign values ​​to each goal so you know the value of achieving that goal. Don't forget about the delayed conversion or conversions from another conversion.

Well rounded view of SEO:

Too many people in search engine optimization focus on too few tactics or strategies when performing search engine optimization. He said there is a quote out there that says I can't tell you how to make a lot of money, but I can give you many ways that you can make a little money, and the same goes for SEO. There really isn't a certain thing that you can do to make a huge difference. It's about stacking a lot of little things that you can do to make a big difference. It's not just about content and links; You need a bigger plan for all of the smaller things in search engine optimization like technical search engine optimization and internal links, user experience, and a lot more.

He said the best SEO strategy is first to understand where you are from and where to go from there. We also talked briefly about how a customer was affected by the Google Medic Update, and changes to quotes and author bios made a huge difference, he said.

You can learn more about Anthony Church on LinkedIn or on Twitter @WebMarketMagnet.

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