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This week's question comes from Jessica:

“When the kids are home, it would be great to have something to choose my own hours with. Is that a possibility? "

‘Set your own hours’

Yes, there are definitely jobs where you can choose your own hours. The key is knowing how to find them.

Many employers advertise their vacancies with flexible schedules. So if you search for keywords, you can find job descriptions with a similar language.

Search for keywords such as:

  • Set your own hours
  • Make your own schedule
  • No fixed hours
  • Work every hour
  • Work as much or as little

Use these keywords in conjunction with other search options such as job titles and career fields to find the right job for you.

If the schedule is not mentioned in a job description, you can ask the employer about it during the interview. Start with general questions like, "What kind of schedule do you envision for this role?" And: “How do the staff on this team organize their schedules? Does everyone work the same hours? "

About me

I am a manager and coach for career development at FlexJobs, where I help people find flexible work, including remote, part-time and freelance jobs. Before I joined FlexJobs in 2010, I was a career advisor for students and alumni. I have a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and am a certified advanced resume writer.

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